Forget Me Not

So, seeing as how this is my very first post, I feel like an introduction is in order. First, I’m married to a wonderful man who’s quirks somehow finds their way into the leading males I write about. Second, I’m a mama to an adorable almost-three-year-old who talks A LOT and strives to be a Disney Princess. Third, and most significant (these days at least!), I’m a writer of contemporary young adult romance.  I’ve just started the querying process for my completed manuscript, Forget Me Not. Here’s a quick synopsis:

Eighteen-year-old Faith Kelley is desperate to forget the life she left behind in Chicago, but her abusive ex-boyfriend, Evan, and the timid, defenseless girl she’d been while dating him are shadows she can’t seem to shake. Then Faith meets Mason Greene, her new school’s charming baseball star. As her trust—and feelings—for Mason blossom, Faith recaptures the fun, feisty girl she’d been forced to hide away under Evan’s controlling hand.  Then one night, after plowing through changed phone numbers and a restraining order, Evan tracks Faith down. Home alone and terrified, she begs him to stop, but he refuses to take no for an answer.

In the weeks that follow, Faith does her best to recover from the rape and her suffocating sense of powerlessness. Mason stands by her side, pushing away surges of guilt at what he thinks he could have prevented. When Faith begins to take her frustration out on Mason, then withdraws completely, wilting before his eyes, he’s baffled. Too in love to give up, Mason is determined to give Faith the support he’s convinced she needs. All Faith wants is to reclaim her life and Mason is willing to do anything he can to help, except the one thing she needs most—let her go.

So, as of now, I’m an obsessive email checker,  a compulsive manuscript tweaker, and fanatical agent blog stalker. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you can relate.



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