Lady Antebellum

I’m a huge country music fan. It’s pretty much all I listen to and I take great pride in the fact that my two-year old can identify and sing along to Kenny Chesney, Taylor Swift, Zac Brown Band, and Lady Antebellum when they come on the radio.

Speaking of Lady Antebellum, they walked away with the ‘Song of the Year’ award Sunday night at the Academy of Country Music Awards and I couldn’t have been happier. Their song “Need You Now” was on a constant loop throughout the month of December when I was finishing the last chapters of Forget Me Not. In fact, if Forget Me Not had a soundtrack, “Need You Now” would definitely be on it. It’s the perfect mood music for the last fifth of the book, though when Mason finally reaches his breaking point, he drinks beer, not whiskey. 😉 


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