If I’d Known…

I’m a military wife, which means the government dictates where my family and I live, how often we’ll move, and when, where to & how long my husband will deploy. Though at times it’s difficult, I tolerate the lifestyle very well and usually enjoy it, however, it makes me want to micromanage the few aspects of my life I’m still in control of. I don’t often put myself in positions where I’ll face possible disappointment or have to live in any sort of limbo. I get that enough with military life.     


That being said, it’s a very good thing I was about half way through Forget Me Not when I started to seriously research querying, literary agents, submissions and the publishing industry. If’ I’d had a realistic view of how impossibly hard it is to get published BEFORE I started writing, I probably would not have ever opened a Word Doc. The publishing world is all about putting yourself out there, gearing up for possible (probable!) rejection and disappointment, then living life in a state of uncertainty and self-doubt while you wait to (hopefully) get an agent, (hopefully) get a book deal, (hopefully) get good reviews, and (hopefully) sell out your advance.

If I’d researched first, I never would have started. That sounds wimpy and probably a bit flighty, I know, but it’s the honest truth. I can admit it because my redeeming quality is that I’m not a quitter. I started Forget Me Not, worked tirelessly on Forget Me Not, finished Forget Me Not, edited and revised Forget Me Not exhaustively until it became something lovely, something I’m truly proud of. Now I intend to stand behind it even in the face of rejection. Plus, I’ve started another book! Even though I know it’ll be hard to finish, hard to revise and hard to query (fingers crossed that I’ll have an agent by the time it’s done!), I’ll finish it because writing has become a lifestyle and a goal and a passion, something I’m not willing to give up on no matter how hard it gets.

On a completely different note, I just have to share this picture of me and my cutie pie on Mother’s Day. 🙂

She makes me smile!


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