Friday Five: A Writer’s Ticks

I’m out of town this weekend, in middle-of-nowhere Mountain Home, Idaho visiting my new nephew. That’s why today’s Friday Five is short and sweet. Since I’m currently cleaning up my now complete WIP (can I still call it that?), I decided to focus on my writing ticks, namely, my five most prominently used and completely useless words/phrases/punctuations. Embarrassingly enough, I wiped out a few hundred from WIP’s count just by deleting no-impact ticks. Without further ado, here they are:

1)      Wonder (as in: I wonder what I did to upset her. How about: What could I have done to upset her? )

2)      Really (as in: I’m not really sure.)

3)      The semi-colon – I still use it, but sparingly

4)      I know (as in: I know tears are streaming down my cheeks.)

5)      Just (as in: He stopped by just before noon.)

Thank God for Microsoft’s FIND function! So, I showed you mine… what are your writing ticks?


4 responses to “Friday Five: A Writer’s Ticks

  1. I have a couple and I use them all the time so it’s a headache to go back and fix.

    Feel. It pops up all the time in my writing. I should trust my voice more and “know” that my readers understand what I’m trying to get across.

    Very- (is this the most useless word?) If you add “very” to anything then chances are the word it’s describing isn’t strong enough.

    Those are just a few of my clutter words. I’m the Queen of clutter. I had a 127,000 word rough draft and cut it to 93,000. Talk about wordy!!

    • Yes, they are a headache! Thank goodness for the FIND function 🙂 And yes, very is another of my problem words, though with a YA voice, sometimes I let it slide. Glad to know I’m not the only wordy one!

  2. Oh, lord. You probably know my ticks better than me! Let’s see…

    curl/curls/curled (this is a new one–killing me in FLAWED!)

    This is depressing. If I keep going, I might give up writing… 🙂