So, I got a rejection on a full submission today. Rejection is never fun, but this one felt particularly dispiriting. The agent remarked that my writing was “more than competent,” then went on to comment on how many of the main aspects of the book (stuff that can’t really be changed without changing the essence of the book) weren’t working for her. I’ll spare you the specifics, but her comments were less than encouraging and left me feeling very sad.

Of course, my husband was unavailable to take a phone call (which turned out to be good because I probably would have just cried to him. Poor guy.). I ended up logging on to the chat room I frequent to commiserate with my writing buddies. Luckily, they had bucketfuls of wonderful, spirit-lifting things to say, along with some helpful advice. Seriously, what would I do without them?

Still a little down, I called my mom, which is hands down the best thing in the world to do when you’re feeling like a loser. I could copy a page from the phone book and my mom would go on and on about how lovely it was, then ask if she could make copies to send out to all my aunts. Honestly. After our chat, I really was feeling better, which was good because when I finally got a hold of my husband, he was spared the waterworks.

The moral of the story? Writing friends are awesome. Supportive family members are awesome. Chocolate chip cookies are awesome. Oh, wait… did I forget to mention their soothing capabilities?

In other (not so depressing) news… I finally started this:

Liking it so far!


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  1. You wouldn’t want that person to take on your book anyway because she’s not feeling it or “getting it”. It’s all good. Writing, stories are so subjective, you’ll find someone who understands and totally loves what your saying in your story in due time.

    The hardest part is the waiting.

    • Yes, I competely agree, June. I definitely don’t want an agent who is’t 100% thrilled and excited by my books. And yes, the hardest part IS waiting! I’ve learned more about patience through revising, querying and submitting requested material than I have through any other aspect of my life. Thanks for commenting 🙂