Why You Need An Author Site…

I should begin by saying: I started out a reluctant blogger. It was one of those everyone’s doing it things that I felt I better do too. The last thing I wanted was to appear less than serious about my writing, and I had heard many times about how important platforms and connections and networking are to a writer.

So I started a blog (a major challenge for the technologically delayed!) and updated it here and there.  It didn’t take long before blogging became fun… something I look forward to doing. Now I post about books I love, things I’ve learned throughout the writing/querying process, my WIPs, occasional status updates on where things stand on my road to publication, anecdotes about my family, songs I adore, and more recently, Road Trip Wednesday posts.

I’ve read more than one industry professional site that says aspiring author blogs/sites should have a blurb about current projects, and possibly an excerpt, just in case an agent happens by and likes what they see. So, I included those things on this site, along with a contact email address. And wow… I’m so glad I followed THAT advice!

A few days ago I woke up to an email I never in a million years would have thought would come my way. A literary agent was browsing author blogs, came across mine, and was intrigued by my story, Loving Max Holden. She read an excerpt, thought my writing style was strong, and emailed me asking for a query and the first three chapters of the manuscript. Flattered and excited, I sent the requested material to her right away. This particular agent is not opened to unsolicited queries, so if it weren’t for my blog and the blurb I included about Max, I never would have had the opportunity to contact her.     

Who knows what will happen with this submission. Hopefully, she likes what she sees and wants to read on (fingers crossed!). All I’m sure of at this point is that I’m very thankful I joined the blogging community. Not only am I having a lot of fun, but I’ve gotten an opportunity I wouldn’t have had otherwise.


6 responses to “Why You Need An Author Site…

  1. YAY! That is awesome!!!

  2. Wow! congrats on the request, I’ll cross my fingers that it goes somewhere for you!

  3. Wow, talk about a direct example of why it’s a good idea to follow those suggestions! Best of luck!