I’ve been invited to participate in a
spring pitch event called #NestPitch!

 #NestPitch is the brainchild of Nik Vukoja and it’s a fantastic opportunity for writers to present complete & polished work to some pretty amazing agents.

Here’s how it works…

Each entry will consist of  the writer’s 35-word pitch, an answer to this question: If my main character were a candy Easter Egg, what flavor would he/she be & why? (answer in your MC’s voice, and have fun with it!), as well as the first 300 words (100 words for picture books) of the manuscript.

On April 1st the pitch submission window will open for 24 hours to all categories — PB, MG, YA, NA & Adult — and all genres except erotica. Email submissions to: nestpitch@outlook.com. Please review all contest rules/guidelines/conditions before submitting, as they are quite specific.

Once the submission window has closed, Slush Bilbies (I’m a Slush Bilbie!) will start combing through the submissions, picking the top 100-120. After the Bilbies have done their job and narrowed the submissions, nine Nest Bloggers will select their top eight pitches and post them on their “Nest Sites” (blogs) for agents to peruse and (hopefully!) fall in love with.   

If you’re bad at math, that’s 72 submissions that will eventually be put before agents — those are great odds!!!

Curious about our participating Secret Bunny Agents? (They’ll be in some clever bunny disguises once the contest begins!) Here they are…

1. Erin Niumata – Folio Lit

2. Pam van Hylckama – Foreword Literary

3. Pooja Menon – Kimberley Cameron & Associates

4. Gina Panettieri – Talcott Notch Literary

5. Melissa Jeglinski – The Knight Agency

6. Cate Hart – Corvisiero Literary Agency

7. Camilla Wray –  Darley Anderson Literary

8. Dr. Uwe StenderTriadaUS Literary Agency

9. Jordy Albert –The Booker Albert Agency

10. Sarah Negovetich – Corvisiero Literary Agency

Once our Nest Bloggers have posted their selections on their “Nest Sites” (blogs), the Secret Bunny Agents will place “chocolate treats” (requests) in the comments of the pitches they like the most. Remember, the “best nest” gets the biggest and best eggs! So make your #NestPitch as perfect as possible!

As if these ten participating agents aren’t awesome enough, we’ve also got some Magic Bunyips — literary agents who want to play but, for whatever reason, can’t be full Secret Bunny Agents. Rather than miss out all together, they’re going to lurk around the Nest Sites and, if they see a submission they like, they’ll leave their own ‘treat’ — a request/critique! 

Still with me? Here’s the timetable for submissions/reveals…

April 1-2 :: Submissions will behin April 1st at noon USA EST and will close twenty-four hours later, 11.59 a.m. USA EST (this is the window in which you will email your polished submission!).

April 3rd -10th :: Round One – Slush Bilbies select top 120 submissions.

April 11th -15th :: Round Two – Nest Bloggers pick their 72 submissions.

April 16th :: Round Three – Nest Bloggers post their top choices on Nest Sites.

April 17th -19th :: Round Four — Secret Bunny Agents “stock nests” with treats.

Easter Sunday :: Stocked nests and Secret Bunny Agents identities revealed.

April 22nd :: Bunyips (bonus agents) can offer belated treats.

April 23rd :: All #NestPitch requests should be received by Secret Bunny Agents (so, if your work was requested — yay! — you should have submitted it to the requesting agent by now).

April 28th :: All Bunyip requests should be made & sent.

April 30th :: Special additional surprise revealed!

Again, I encourage you to read the full list of Rules and Conditions, as well as the parameters for eligibility, all found HERE. Then, polish up those pitches and openings, and submit your work on April 1st.

Slush Bilbies:
Cassandra Page  http://cassandrapage.com/
Louise (Lou) Gornall  http://bookishblurb.com/blog/
Nest Bloggers: 

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