January Vlogagrams

I talked about vlogagrams at the end of a recent What’s Up Wednesday post, but to refresh your memory… Vlogagrams are short Instagram videos (15 seconds) with suggested weekly themes. I’ve had so much fun making and watching vlogagrams over the last month, and I’ve loved “meeting” fellow writers and building on the sense of community I’ve already found via Instagram. If you’re on IG and would like to join in, check out the #Vlogagram hashtag.

All five of my January vlogagrams can be found HERE (let’s take a moment to appreciate how the quality goes up with each video — yay for learning curves!).

Or, you can browse and view according to topic: Introductions, Resolutions, January 2015 Reads, Right Now, and Characters.


3 responses to “January Vlogagrams

  1. Alexandrina Brant

    Just looked at your vlogograms! (I had trouble accessing them directly on Instagram, so it’s great you linked here) I have to say, you have a lot lighter voice than I expected, lol. 😛 I think I probably have a terribly stereotypical American stock accent in my internal monologue. 😛

    • I’m trying to imagine the sort of voice you expected me to have. 🙂 You should joins us for vlogagrams, Alexandrina!

      • Alexandrina Brant

        Hehe, I’m not sure. Maybe I watch How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory too much!
        Yeah, I will have a go. I’d love to be able to be more confident in recording myself (I occasionally do actual video-blogs, but I have a habit of seizing up when I talk). My phone is a bit crazy, though, so it might not like me using the video function a lot…