Swanky 17 Photo Challenge

Over the last ten days, I’ve participated in the Swanky 17 Photo Challenge on Instagram, and it’s been so much fun! Check out the #Swanky17PhotoChallenge for photos from all the participants. Here’s a wrap-up of my entries…

Day 1: About Your Book

Day 2: Favorite 2015 Debut(s)
Couldn’t pick just one…

Day 3: Ideal Reaction to Your Book’s Biggest Moment
I hope readers swoon whenever Jill and Max share the page!

Day 4: What I Listened to While Writing
I like it quiet when I write, but I used Taylor, Johnny & June, and The Band Perry (among many others) for inspiration.

Day 5: My MC’s Guilty Pleasure
Jill’s guilty pleasure is Max Holden, but her passion is baking.
Day 6: Most Anticipated 2016 Debut(s)
Again, could not settle on just one!

Day 7: Cast Your Main Characters
I give you… Jill and Max. πŸ™‚

Day 8: Worst Writing Advice You’ve Ever Received
“Good writers write every day.” Used to make me feel guilty/anxious about taking breaks. I’ve come to realize that good writers make time for adventuring. For seeking inspiration. For refilling their creative wells.

Day 9: Best Writing Advice You’ve Ever Received
Guys, keep writing. Because let’s face it — the odds of a first book selling are… not great. Plus, the more words we write, the better we become.

Day 10: Visual Interpretation of Another Swanky’s Books
My take on Tracey Neithercott‘s incredible Gray Wolf Island.


6 responses to “Swanky 17 Photo Challenge

  1. I loved following along with your challenge on Instagram, Katy! So many great posts. πŸ™‚

    I especially love your “best writing advice” post. I’m forever grateful the first book I queried didn’t sell because…yikes. Looking back, I know I wouldn’t have been happy with the story. It’s amazing the difference a few years (and a few new first drafts) makes. With each new book, we only get better and learn more.

    Thanks for sharing all your pictures! ❀

    • Thanks for following along, Kaitlin! I had such an awesome time posting, as well as seeing everyone else’s posts. And YES. I’m eternally grateful that my first MS didn’t sell. Sheesh — so embarrassing!

  2. LOL! Write another book… That’s epic. And true. I’m new to Instagram and not 100% committed. Still doing too much on Facebook and Twitter, but maybe I’ll get more into it as I get more familiar?

  3. This is so great! I agree that the worst advice you got was also the worst advice I got — and I also hate the idea that there is no ‘writing’s block’ and that you should just write through it. NOPE. I’d rather wait a few days to sort it out in my head than struggle to write crap just to ‘get it done’. I also love your cast photos (although LOL that I thought Maia was Selena Gomez for a whole day…..finalsbrain!!!). Loved seeing these posts and all the other 2017ers!