Life List


Bake a Rainbow Cake.

Sell a novel.

Sell a second novel.

Complete a 500 piece puzzle.

Have a picnic on the beach.

Read and review a Stephen King novel.

Drink a Hurricane in New Orleans.

Have professional family photos taken.

Run Disney’s Princess 1/2 Marathon.

Attend a writers’ conference or festival.

Order a Stitch Fix box.

See a Broadway musical.

Plan and host a tea party.

Make a quilt.

Take an international vacation.

Watch Friday Night Lights in its entirety.

Complete a three day juice cleanse.

Write a manuscript that’s not contemporary YA.

Pass 2K Twitter followers.

Read Speak (my most shameful YA gap book).

Host a brunch.

Earn my scuba certification (PADI).

Attend a writers’ retreat.

Get a massage.

Make Chocolate Babka.

Welcome another child into our family.

Visit Mount Rushmore.

Interact with a koala bear.

Get another tattoo.

Master “Crow” pose in yoga.

Go to a(nother) country music concert.

Plant an herb garden.

Visit New York City.

Teach my daughter to swim (really well).

Take a photography class.