One Word Wednesday

Hello, friends… Happy Wednesday!

{Kidding. Sort of. I know Entertainment Weekly is infamous for uglifying would-be heartthrobs [Exhibit A], but that guy is just not my vision of Finnick. There’s nothing wrong with him, per se (he was fine in that Snow White movie), and I’ll try to reserve judgement until I see Catching Fire, but… I just… Boo.}

{I love my town so much. Please, Army, don’t make me move away!}

{The girlie and the locale. On this particular afternoon she said, “It’s a beautiful day. Let’s go for a walk in Carmel!” So we did.}

{After years of using the Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe to varying degrees of success, I have officially given it up. I’ve moved on to what I consider the BEST Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe EVER. The secret? A little bit of corn starch. I’ve used this recipe several times now and have yet to produceĀ a cookie that’s anything short of delectable. Recommend!}

{In case I haven’t made this clear… I love my town! The temperature has been hovering in the low seventies the last few days. It’s so nice to feel the heat of the sun during our walks by the bay.}

{We have the *best* sunrises. A definite perk to getting up early!}

{The other day I finished reading A.S. King’s Ask the Passengers. Now, anytime I see a plane in the sky, I think of Astrid sending her love. Such a fantastic book. I’m reviewing it in detail over at YA Confidential today. Please do check it out!}

Tell me: What’s your favorite kind of cookie?