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Today’s Bookanista recommendation is
Nancy’s Werlin‘s modern day fairytale, Impossible

From GoodreadsLucy is seventeen when she discovers that she is the latest recipient of a generations-old family curse that requires her to complete three seemingly impossible tasks or risk falling into madness and passing the curse on to the next generation. Unlike her ancestors, though, Lucy has family, friends, and other modern resources to help her out. But will it be enough to conquer this age-old evil? A beautifully wrought modern fairy tale from master storyteller and award-winning author Nancy Werlin. Inspired by the classic folk ballad “Scarborough Fair,” this is a wonderfully riveting and haunting novel of suspense, romance, and fantasy.

 One day about two years ago, the super nice girl who works in the new/used bookstore I frequented back when I lived in Washington raved about Impossible so enthusiastically, I ending up buying a copy of the book due to a weird sense of obligation — I guess because I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. Since then, Impossible has been been sitting on my bookshelf, untouched. The summary’s mention of the folk ballad combined with Goodreads whispers of elves and evil faeries and other such nonsense did not appeal to me much at all — until the other day, that is. I found myself feeling a bit of contemporary YA fatigue (shocking, I know) and picked up Impossible on a whim. A few nights later, I had the following conversation with my husband…

“Dude,” I said, slipping my bookmark into the center pages of Impossible. “I am having, like, a physical reaction to this book.”

Hubby pulled his attention from the TV to blast me with a dubious look. “Uh… What does that mean, exactly?”

“Well, my heart, for example. It’s all aflutter. And my stomach… It’s full of dreadful nerves. I feel so anxious and excited and afraid for these characters. This book is so good!”

“Oh, yeah? What’s it about?”

“Well… You’re probably going to think it sounds absurd when I explain it.”

“Try me.”

“Okay…” I searched for the right words, words that would communicate the awesomeness of Impossible. “There’s this girl,” I began, “Her name is Lucy, and she is so likable and relatable. Sadly, she is raped and ends up pregnant and finds out that her family is cursed by an Elfin Knight. Over the last several hundred years, every woman in her family — including Lucy’s mother — has ended up pregnant at eighteen, had a baby girl, and then gone crazy. Like, literally. Of course Lucy is freaked out, but she has these great, supportive foster parents and this amazing guy, Zach. Together, they figure out that they might be able to break the curse and defeat the evil Elfin Knight if Lucy can complete three seemingly impossible tasks named in this folk ballad that her nutty, bag lady mom sings all the time. Lucy is supposed to make this seamless shirt and sow this seaside land, all before the baby is born.”

Hubby stared at me with one judgmental eyebrow raised. “Okay, you’re right. That does sound absurd.”

“No! Maybe I’m not doing the story justice. It’s such a lovely, romantic book, and the curse, it’s this mystery that has to be unraveled. And Zach! He’s just so sweet and supportive and adorable. And then there’s the writing. It’s amazing. Seriously… why didn’t I read this book sooner?!”

“Don’t know,” Hubby said, turning his attention back to the TV. “Hey, look… Duck Dynasty is on.”

So, I might have difficulties expressing how much I enjoyed Impossible, but truly, this book is fantastic. It’s a surreal sort of fairytale with a contemporary setting and wonderful, likeable characters. If you read Impossible solely to meet Zach, you will not be disappointed. Recommend!

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