Something to think about…

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: The government could fix everything that's wrong with the country if they'd simply read my Facebook updates.

Ah, politics.

Your blog/Twitter account/Facebook page is yours to use as you see fit.


Please think about the way you present your beliefs (political or otherwise) if you choose to expound them via social media. Passion is a beautiful thing. Intensity is a beautiful thing. Informed opinions, differing theories, and thoughtful debates are beautiful things. But if you communicate your argument in a snide or aggressive manner, your point is lost on me. If you attempt to assert your case by belittling my beliefs or the beliefs of others, or try to make me feel stupid for thinking a certain way, I only end up thinking poorly of you.

So, cheers to sixty-seven mutually respectful, issue-focused campaign days.

Tell Me: Who are you voting for?


What are you up to this weekend, blog friends?