Spelling Counts (even IF you’re a werewolf!)

Like many writerly types, I look forward to YA Highway‘s Field Trip Friday each week. If you’re unfamiliar, every Friday the brilliant and witty Kate Hart compiles the best publishing, entertainment, and randomly awesome links from the web and drops them in one place for our perusal. (You can check out last week’s FTF HERE.)

One of the Field Trip Friday bits that recently piqued my interest was: “Cake Wrecks has the best of the worst Twilight-themed cakes…”

Why did this particular link catch my interest? Well, um, I like cake, but mostly I find the freakish, can’t-look-away-from-a-train-wreck quality the Twilight franchise and its fans possess to be incredibly intriguing. So… I clicked.


The cakes were predictably repulsive. All of them. But this one caught my eye and proceeded to offend me more than all the others:

Yes, Jacob’s over-the-shoulder gaze is creepy. Yes, his pack tattoo looks like radioactive slime (Why IS it green?). And yes, the handwriting is juvenile and sloppy. But can you guess what I find MOST offensive about this cake?

Go ahead. Take a closer look…


“I’m glad YOUR on my team (no punctuation mark)”

I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but for the love of all that is holy! If you’re (see how I did that?) going to take the time to mix together a cake, bake it, frost it, and decorate it (no matter how hideously), why not take a moment to verify that your spelling and grammar are correct? I mean, we’re all allowed the occasional typo, but mistaking your for you’re on a birthday cake is just wrong.

Because images found on Pinterest always say it better than I can:

Pinned Image

Live it. Learn it. Love it, people!

Pinned Image

Tell me… What’s your spelling/grammar pet peeve?