Lovely Lyrics

In honor of the fabulous concert I went to Friday night, my favorite Tim McGraw song I Need You, sung with the lovely Faith Hill.

I wanna drink that shot of whiskey
I wanna smoke that cigarette
I wanna smell that sweet addiction on my breath
I wanna ride ‘cross West Virginia in the backseat of a Cadillac
You know some cowboys like me go out like that
So I need you

Like a needle needs a vein
Like my uncle Joe in Oklahoma needs the rain
I need you like a lighthouse on the coast
Like the father and the son need the holy ghost
I need you

I wanna get lost in some corner booth
Cantina Mexico
I wanna dance to the static of an AM radio
I wanna wrap the moon around us and lay beside you skin on skin
Make love ’til the sun comes up… ’til the sun goes down again
‘Cause I need you

-Written by Tony Lane and David Lee