Time for a little celebration!

I officially finished WIP today, and really, I kind of love it. It still needs work: revisions and edits and deletions and transitions and several read throughs, but the story is there and it’s strong. I’m elated, but a little sad too, sort of like how after childbirth you briefly miss pregnancy. Then, of course, you totally get over that and thank God the swollen ankles and heartburn and extra thirty-five pounds are gone. Or, in the case of WIP, I’ll thank God that the plotting and characterizing and constant knuckle-pop-inducing typing is over.

I can’t wait to delve into revisions now, to make sure it all flows and sounds pretty and provokes the appropriate emotional responses. Can’t wait to hear from my awesome CP and read all of her fabulous comments and suggestions. Revisions are my favorite part! Stay tuned for more on that process, and later… the querying process.

For now, I’m celebrating!