RTW: Comparables

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Today’s Topic: Who are your comp titles/authors?

Though I know it’s important to know who you compare to within your particular genre, I sort of hate this question. It feels so arrogant to measure my work up against anything already out there, particularly books that I love. But, whenever I am asked what books my manuscript Loving Max Holden  compares to, I reference Sarah Ockler’s Twenty Boy Summer and Jenny Han’s The Summer I Turned Pretty. (Just realized both of these books take place during the summer. Max takes place during the winter. Hmm…)

I reference these books not only because they are awesome, (:)) but because I feel they’re similar to Max both in their realistic teen girl voice, and in the way that they deal with family dynamics. Max also shares the general mood, tone, and voice of some of Sarah Dessen’s books (in my opinion Max is steamier!), but I never use her as a comp because it feels too obvious. Lots of contemporary YA fiction is sort of Sarah Dessen-esque, right?

As far as Where Poppies Bloom, um… can I pass?  Poppies is still a work-in-process (though I am about 2/3 of the way through the first draft–yay!) and although I’ve been reading quite a bit of paranormal romance lately, I’ve yet to find anything I’m comfortable comparing it to. If you have any great paranormal romance recommendations (particularly those that might deal with ghosts!), I’d love if you’d leave the titles in the comments.


7 thoughts on “RTW: Comparables

  1. katharine owens says:

    I have not read either of your comp’s to Max Holden, but they are both on my list. Sounds fantastic.
    Probably good to steer clear of the Sarah Dessen reference, only because it’s the obvious choice. I think your descriptions of WHY Max Holden is like the comps you mention is in-depth and meaningful. There is so much more info there than just saying, “I’m like SD”.

    And, seriously? SD+steamier=Max Holden
    I can’t wait.

    I wish I had a paranormal romance reference, but I don’t at all. Sorry!!! If I run across one I’ll let you know.

    • katyupperman says:

      Totally agree about the SD reference, Katharine. I feel like a lot of contemporary writers probably use Sarah Dessen (because she’s so popular and talented!). I thought it would be wise to choose more unique titles, especially since I love both Twenty Boy Summer and The Summer I Turned Pretty. Definitely read them! And yes, MAX definitely has its steamy moments. 🙂

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