RTW: Blame It On The Wildwinds…


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This Week’s Topic: “The winds in Washokey make people go crazy.”

That’s the first line of Kirsten Hubbard’s LIKE MANDARIN. You can read the rest a few months early if you win our ARC giveaway! Post on your own blog about a time you did something completely crazy and be sure you marked “yes” on the entry form for an extra chance to win!
Love this topic, and I’m excited about the chance to win a copy of LIKE MANDARIN! I’m not the craziest of girls, and sadly, most of the crazy I’ve taken part in occurred in college and is far from fit for online posting. But, here are a few crazy things I’ve done over the years: taught elementary school (fifth graders–yikes!), para-sailed, married a soldier (crazy, but the BEST decision), ridden in a NASCAR, joined a sorority (lots of crazy ensued during those years), and took a stab at writing books.
But the craziest and absolute weirdest thing I’ve ever done took place in high school. Let me preface by saying that I was (am) a fairly straight and narrow kind of person. I have brown hair. I shop at The GAP. I eat Eggo waffles every day for breakfast. That being said, in 1999 I attended a Korn concert. In a lavender button down shirt. With an equally straight and narrow friend. Rob Zombie opened, a performance which was less than entertaining in my eighteen-year-old eyes. Said friend and I wandered the Tacoma Dome, sort of bored.
While wandering, we were approached by a gnarly looking man who invited us to dance in the Korn Kage. You might be wondering what a Korn Kage is. Well, it was a literal sort of cage set up toward the back of the stage where fans (a term I use loosely since, you know, I was involved) got to dance during the performance for all to see. We blindly agreed and were herded backstage with about thirty other people who seemed to know exactly what they were getting into and were WAY excited.
Long story short, my friend and I danced on stage at the Tacoma Dome in our pastel GAP shirts for the duration of the concert. I’m pretty sure we would have been invited to the after show party if we would have  looked a little… um, wilder, but the whole experience was  tons of fun, and will live down as one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever done.
So, that’s my crazy in a nutshell. What about you? What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

13 thoughts on “RTW: Blame It On The Wildwinds…

  1. Abby Stevens says:

    Ha ha, oh wow! The Korn Kage! I bet that was an interesting concert! And as the sister of a soldier, I just want to say THANK YOU for supporting your husband! I’ve seen firsthand how crazy it is for my brother’s wife, as well as myself and my mother and the rest of the family. So thank you!

  2. kirsten hubbard says:

    Ha!! I love this story. Wouldn’t be the same without the pastel shirts. And you just made me realize what I should have blogged about. It also involved dancing on a stage in front of thousands of people…. I’ll save it for later.

  3. Marquita says:

    Korn is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE bands! That is so cool that you got to dance on stage with them…in a button down shirt 🙂 Also, I agree that teaching is one of the craziest things you can do (I teach 9th graders right now- sheesh!) and I too went to a rock concert (Staind and Puddle of Mudd) when I was 18ish and I can’t beer in my hair…never been a fan of standng rock shows since 🙂

  4. angie says:

    I love this! Actually it sounds like you’ve had a lot of crazy good moments – Nascar?? I would never. 🙂

  5. Amie Kaufman says:

    That’s awesome! You must make sure you’re always wearing a pastel shirt when you tell the story–look like the most unlikely Korn Kage Dancer ever, in order to achieve maximum impact. Love it, thanks for the laugh!

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