Friday Five: Thanksgiving Edition

So, thanksgiving was yesterday, but I’m still celebrating because I have lots to be thankful for! Here are the big Five:

1) My husband! It’s been four years since we spent a Thanksgiving together (thank you, multiple, badly timed deployments!) so I was thrilled to have him home this year.

2) My Cutie Pie, Claire. I found out I was pregnant  Thanksgiving four years ago, so this holiday is always extra special for me. She makes me smile every single day!

3) My pups, Lucy and Daisy. They drive me nuts on a daily basis, but they’re sweet as can be, and they’re fabulous with Claire.

4) The brilliant and supportive writing friends I’ve found over this past year. I’ve learned so much from them!

5) Young Adult Literature. I’ve read some truly amazing books since I rediscovered YA. I’ll never go back!


4 thoughts on “Friday Five: Thanksgiving Edition

  1. katharine says:

    OMG adorable family!
    That’s a great list. I also realized I was PG at Thanksgiving… but it was 6 years ago. It was already one of my favorite holidays, that just makes it that much better.
    Glad you have your family close to you this year!

  2. Amie Kaufman says:

    Oh, look at that photo–that smile! It’s so wonderful to see posts going up all over the place from grateful writers. Hope you all had a wonderful day together!

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