Tales from the Trenches 2.0

And the querying continues…

I don’t think I talk about querying and agents and writing and publishing all that much. Mostly, I reserve those topics for my blog, or for conversations with my CPs and writing friends, who are all in varying states of the querying/submission process. They appreciate and embrace the crazy, because like me, they’re all neck deep in it. Occasionally I’ll bounce ideas off my husband, or vent if something isn’t going well, and occasionally my parents or in-laws will ask how things are going and I’ll give them as brief an update as possible. But really, I don’t talk about querying and agents and writing and publishing all that much.

Or so I thought…

First, a little background: Junie B. Jones is a hero in my home. If you aren’t familiar, Junie B. is the star of the very popular chapter book series written by Barbara Park.

Junie B. is precocious, clueless, funny and manages to get herself in to all kinds of mischeif. My husband and I read a chapter or two from a Junie B. Jones book to our daughter every night before she goes to bed. Now, my daughter is only three, but she LOVES her Junie B. Like, laughs-out-loud, constantly-quotes (“Hello. How are you today?”), asks-for-a-new-book-every-time-we-go-to-Target kind of love. Still, imagine my surprise when the other day she looked at me and asked, “Mommy, can your agent get me some Junie B. books?”

Yeah. Clearly she doesn’t *quite* get the role of a literary agent (or the fact that her mommy doesn’t have one yet!), but she knows that agents deal in books, that they’re able to do super nice things and that they might just be capable of making magic happen. And that’s probably a deep enough knowledge base for her for now. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Tales from the Trenches 2.0

  1. katharine says:

    love it- kids are great. My son, when he sees me typing on the computer, asks if I’m working on the book about him. I told him one of the characters is named James. Though I’ve tried to explain it’s “not him”, he doesn’t get it.

  2. Tracey Neithercott says:

    That’s so cute! It looks like someone will be cheering along with you when you do get an agent. Of course, once that happens she may expect a Junie B. book in the mail instead of a contract.

  3. Amie Kaufman says:

    Man, your kid never fails to crack me up. I think she’s cottoned onto the most important aspect of this writing thing (when you’re three, at any rate) quite nicely!

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