That’s “YAmore” Blogfest

The lovely ladies at Oasis for YA are hosting a blogfest that’s so fabulous I’m thrilled to be a participant.

Here’s the gist, straight from the Oasis for YA That’s YAmore Blogfest page:

We love blogfests.  And we love good YA romance.  So we decided to combine the two in our first annual That’s YAmore Blogfest.

Starting the Friday before Valentine’s Day (that’s February 11th), we invite you to post 250 romantic, swoon-worthy words from your YA WIP.  Then check out the entries from some of the other participants.  (Just be sure you have a fan and/or a cold glass of water on hand.)  We know your Valentine will appreciate you getting yourself in a romantic state of mind…

Can’t wait to hop blogs and read all the steamy posts… If you’re interested, sign up to participate at: That’s YAmore Blogfest