Friday Five: The Creative Spark

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Here’s today’s Friday Five prompt:

1) Music. Particularly country music, because the songs are almost always little stories themselves.

2) Walking, biking, running, yard work… I get a lot of thinking, brainstorming, and plotting done while passing my exercise time.

3) Doing something creative with my hands, like quilting or appliqué or even coloring with my daughter.

4) Seemingly mind-numbingly boring activities like showering, driving, or vacuuming usually get my creativity flowing. Gotta keep my brain busy somehow!

5) Rereading something I’ve recently written and love, or rereading a favorite book with amazing plotting, imagery, or characterizations.

What about you? Where do you find your creative spark?


9 thoughts on “Friday Five: The Creative Spark

  1. Rebecca B says:

    Yes to #2: I love the run for inspiration. I haven’t tried #3, which makes me think it’s time for me to master a craft/creative art.

  2. Meagan Spooner says:

    Driving is the number one big one for me. Something about the level of concentration required for it–it occupies the distracting part of my brain, while leaving the creative part of it utterly free to roam.

    I also like just browing art sites like DeviantArt. You find some of the most unique and inspiring images when you look at other people’s work!

  3. fussymonkey2 says:

    The only reason why I work out is it helps me to write. Normally when I’m writing (in my head) an action scene, my work out is WAY more productive.

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