RTW: A Dark (YA) Passenger

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Today’s Topic: What non-YA character would you love to see star in a YA book as themselves?

Oh, this is SO easy…

Dexter Morgan is the most complex character I’ve ever known. He’s a blood spatter analyst, brother, father, husband, rescuer, friend, vigilante and… serial killer. He does it all with a certain flair for the dramatics, a very dark sense of humor, and an intensity that borders on terrifying. Plus, um, he’s pretty hot.

I’d love to know Dexter as a teenager. His childhood was less than enviable, his sister is a bit of a mess, and his relationship with his father, Harry, is all kinds of complicated. He’d make fascinating young adult character because even as a grown man, he’s constantly questioning who he is and trying to balance all the facets of his personality. Imagine all the angst he’d bring to a YA novel!

And can I just mention that Showtime will begin airing the newest season of Dexter in LESS THAN A MONTH?! So excited!

So, what non-YA character would you love to meet in a YA story?


27 responses to “RTW: A Dark (YA) Passenger

  1. So… I have not watched Dexter, nor have I read the book I am about to recommend to you, but after reading your post I have to suggest it because I’ve seen it compared to Dexter in reviews. I Am Not a Serial Killer by Dan Wells: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/7617119-i-am-not-a-serial-killer

    It’s on my TBR list. Maybe we should read together and then dish? 🙂

  2. This is the best answer! Dexter is so complex as an adult–I can’t imagine how interesting he would be to read/watch as a teen.
    (And I have been counting down the days to the new season since the last one ended.)

    • Yay! Glad to know you’re a Dexter fan, Rebecca! It’s quite possibly my favorite show EVER. Have you seen Six Feet Under? A close second in the awesome department.

  3. ooh… Good one. I haven’t watched the show, but since Hubby does I know a bit about Dexter. Teen Dexter would be interesting indeed.

  4. great answer! I hear all about this show, but haven’t seen it. It seems like people really love it. What an interesting YA character. It could be the ultimate suspense novel, really.

  5. I considered Dexter as my RTW character! He’s a very interesting character…Admittedly the Dexter on Showtime and the Dexter in Jeff Lindsay’s books are very different, but I think their childhood would be interesting either way. Every now and then we get a peek at it but only peeks! It’s so frustrating! 😛

  6. Do I need to watch Dexter? I think I need to watch Dexter.

  7. Yeah, I haven’t watched it either. Though I read I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER last year and I hear it’s like Dexter for teens – with a mini-paranormal twist.

  8. Love it! For my post I did think about some of the creepy-smart-killer-with-flair characters I love, but I had trouble settling on one that would also work as a YA character… It sounds like you’ve found the perfect example though. This post also reminded me that I’ve wanted to see Dexter FOREVER and need to get on it pronto!

  9. I really need to give Dexter a try.

  10. They have been filming episodes of Dexter in my friend’s apartment complex! I don’t watch the show because I can’t handle violence / death at all, but I have heard it’s awesome.

    • It’s definitely a very graphic show, and hard to watch sometimes, but so, so good. And how lucky is your friend?! I wonder if she’s seen Michael C. Hall… Love him!

  11. I have seen this show maybe once ( I sadly watch little to no television). but based on your description, I would love to see his early story too! Nice!

  12. This is an awesome answer. Would certainly be dark… and interesting.

    • Oh, yeah… it would have to be dark, or it wouldn’t be nearly as effectual as the show or the book series the show’s based on. I think it would be fascinating!

  13. Ha! I totally agree. That was my pick, too. I ❤ Dexter, he would make such an intriguing YA anti-hero.

  14. I agree. I think Dexter is one of the best characters ever written. I can’t get enough of knowing why he is the way he is. 🙂