Friday Award Fun and Would you rather… :)

Happy Friday!

Laurie Dennison over at Unavoidable Awkwardness was kind enough to pass on the Liebster Award (isn’t the little award banner adorable?!). Thanks so much, Laurie! I’m passing this one on to five fellow writer/bloggers: Kris Asselin, Sophia Richardson, Kirsten Lopresti, Jus Accardo, and AE Rought.

And, I was TAGGED by Katherine Owens (thanks, Kat!), which means I get to share ten random facts with you, and then tag some more of my favorite bloggers. So, Ten Random Facts:

  1. I’ve been married eight years and have lived in seven different houses during that time.
  2. I’m a dedicated dental flosser. I don’t get non-dental flossers.
  3. I recently cut sugar from my diet (though I do eat fruit). It was hard, but I’ve been feeling so much better since doing it.
  4. I was in a sorority during college. This surprises people. I’m not the most outgoing person, but it was seriously fun.
  5. I much prefer YA literature to any other level/genre out there. (Who doesn’t?!)
  6. I don’t like coffee, but I wish I did. It always smells so yummy!
  7. I’m a neat-freak. My house and yard are always tidy.
  8. I love Disney’s Tangled *almost* as much as my daughter.
  9. I love the ocean and the sun and the sand SO much. I dream of living in a cottage on the beach someday.
  10. I’m addicted to shopping at Target and I’m insanely happy that “my” Target is about to become one of those Targets with a full grocery.
And I’d like to TAG Laurie Dennison,  Alison Miller, Rebecca Behrens, Tracey Neithercott, Caroline Tung Richmond, Jessica Love, and Erin Bowmanto share their Ten Random Facts. Have fun, girls! 

And, since it’s been awhile, a Would you rather…? question to ponder:

Would you rather always lose or never play?

Given the fact that most of us are (or have been) ASPIRING authors, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I *think* I can guess what the common answer for this question will be… 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!


26 thoughts on “Friday Award Fun and Would you rather… :)

  1. Gilly says:

    The frying pan is Tangled is used so beautifully it’s practically a character in itself! LOVE IT! (Although, Mulan has personal resonance for me, so that’s probably my favorite Disney movie).

    • katyupperman says:

      We enjoy Mulan as well. My daughter especially loves the songs. And you’re right about that frying pan… it ends up being such a cool comedic element!

  2. Rebecca B says:

    Thanks for the tag! I share #10: Target is my happy place. I buy everything there.
    I’d rather always lose than never play–like a true aspiring author. 🙂

  3. katharine owens says:

    We may be sisters! (though there are a lot of sororities out there). Was yours founded at a small georgia college by women with names like eugenia, octavia, and sophronia???
    do tell!
    I was at the dentist this week and they congratulated me on my “pristine teeth”. I think it was a top five proud moment in life.

    • katyupperman says:

      Sadly, no, mine was founded at Barnard by Jessie, Elizabeth, Stella, and Helen. 🙂

      And congrats on those “pristine” teeth! Last time I was at the dentist the tech said, “Um, I think you’re brushing and flossing too aggressively.” Oops!

  4. Colin says:

    I presume that you mean you love Tangled almost as much as your daughter loves Tangled? I was concerned at first! 😉

    My family went to see Tangled without me and they all came back raving about it. I eventually saw it on Blu-Ray and I must admit, it’s one of Disney’s best.

    • katyupperman says:

      Ha! Yes, that sentence was poorly constructed. I love Tangled almost as much as my kiddo loves it, and I definitely agree, it IS one of Disney’s best!

  5. Kelley York says:

    Tangled was SO amazing. Loved it.

    “Would you rather always lose or never play?”
    I’d rather lose. At least losing means you can play again and possibly win. 😉

  6. Alison Miller says:

    Thanks for the tag! And congrats on the award!

    I am a non-dental flosser. I know, I am shameful. 😦

    And I would rather always lose. I would like to win one day, but I don’t ever want to give up the chance to try to win.

    Happy weekend!

    • katyupperman says:

      Oh, Alison… I’m not sure if I can be friends with a non-flosser! 🙂

      I’d totally rather lose than never try too. Who wants to live a life wondering what could have been?

  7. Laurie Dennison says:

    Thanks for tagging me! I just posted my ten random things 🙂 I live in a house full of boys, so I had to go hang out with my friend’s daughter to see Tangled. What a beautiful movie! I think the frying pan and the horse deserve their own spin-offs. Oh, and I’d rather lose!

  8. Nadja Notariani says:

    I wish we’d get a Target with full grocery in my area. A new Wal-Mart was built near my home… very convenient and it’s much better than the one over in the next town. But I prefer Target. Although, interestingly, I think some Wal-Marts are trying to copy the ‘cleaner’ more ‘modern’ look of other stores like Target.
    I prefer a store called ‘Wegmans’ (don’t know if you have them in your area). But for cleaning supplies/paper goods/HBA supplies, you almost have to go to one of the big retailers – or spend two hundred dollars on soap, paper towels, laundry supplies, lotion, and Tilex! ~ Nadja

    • katyupperman says:

      We don’t have Wegmans, but I’ve heard great things about it. You’re right about Target–it’s definitely more expensive, but also a more pleasant shopping experience. I do go to Walmart when I need to do a major stock up though. 🙂

    • katyupperman says:

      Yeah… our Washington beaches aren’t exactly sunny and warm either. Plus, they’re covered with rock. I’m craving a more tropical beach experience. 🙂

    • katyupperman says:

      I just shopped at my new-and-improved Target today! It’s a little more expensive than where I usually get groceries, but I think it’ll be great for when I just need to pick up, like, a lemon along with all the other crap I normally buy at Target. 🙂

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