NaNo Update #3

Progress (word count or a general status update): 17,009

Current Mood: Inspired, yet daunted. I keep coming up with awesome ways to challenge my main character, and I’ve had all kinds of ideas for cool little subplots. These are good things! BUT. I’m starting to worry that I might have too many good things going on. Is that even possible at 17,009 words? I’m not sure… Too many ideas are better than NO ideas, right?

Inspiration: Good writing is supposed to evoke SENSATION in the reader. Not the FACT that it is raining, but the FEELING of being rained upon. ~ E.L. Doctorow

Goals as of Today: Lots going on this weekend, so today I’d like to write at least 2,000 words. I’d like to follow-up with at least 1,000 words on both Saturday and Sunday.

Recent Favorite NaNo WiP Bit:

Duncan was smiling. It was a private sort of smile, the kind Bree shared with Payton when an inside joke come up in a room full of people.

“And your boyfriend,” Duncan said. “He’s real, right? Not some convenient product of your imagination? One you use to deflect strange guys who ask for your number?”

“He’s definitely real,” Bree confirmed, though for the first time in the three years since she’d signed on as Henry’s girlfriend, she kind of wished he wasn’t.

Non-NaNo News (because life DOES go on): My pulled muscle turned out to be sciatica, which is definitely NOT AWESOME. Seriously, guys. Stepping off a curb wrong brings tears to my eyes. I might be crawling the Big Sur Half Marathon…

In lighter news, the other day while my girlie was watching me put my husband’s laundry away (yes, I put my husband’s laundry away… Best Wife Ever), she said, “Mommy, I never want to get married.” When I asked her why not she said, “It just looks like A LOT of work.”

Pretty much, kiddo. It’s so worth all the work, though!

In my downtime (ha!) I’m reading: I finished Bittersweet, and it was very charming. Last night I opened Starters by Lissa Price, but I was so freaking tired I only made it through a few pages. No complaints yet, though. 🙂

You should read this blog post: The YA Boy Problem (Again) By: Author Kristin Halbrook (via YA Highway)Because: She eloquently addresses the many ways YA breaks identity barriers and questions social mores while telling beautiful, quality stories (and she tells “YA tourists” why they’re doing themselves a disservice). Plus, she includes a whole list of male-protagonist YAs.

You should also read this blog post: Losing Perspective on Your Writing: Does This Sing or Suck? By: Author Roni LorenBecause: She reminds us that we’re probably never as good OR as bad as we think. It’s the perfect post to balance the emotional ups and downs of NaNoWriMo.

Gratuitous Photograph (because I love ‘em!):

We just really love living in California.

Saturday we’ve got my daughter’s last soccer game and Sunday brings a few social engagements I’m very much looking forward to. Oh, and I’ll be fitting some writing into the next few days, too. 🙂

What do you have going on this weekend?


23 thoughts on “NaNo Update #3

  1. Meredith says:

    You are kicking some serious NaNo ass this year. I’m impressed! (And ok, maybe a little jealous).

    And this is totally random, but are you sure it’s sciatica and not your periformis muscle? I’m presently dealing with the latter (after an earlier misdiagnosis of pregnancy-related sciatica), and the symptoms are very similar. A friend who’s a PT suggested heat, then stretching, then massage, then ice, and it does help to dull the pain (though not get rid of it). And if you have access to a power plate, it’s a godsend. But in any event—sciatica or periformis syndrome—that is some awful, awful pain. I sympathize. 😦

    • katyupperman says:

      Thanks, Meredith! You’re doing pretty awesome with NaNo yourself! And thanks for the advice on my injury… Crossing my fingers that it’s all healed up soon.

  2. Mrs. Silverstein says:

    Oooh, I love the last line of your snippet. So makes me want to read more 🙂

    Also, your kiddo is too cute. Love her. I have housework up the wazoo today, because I’ve been ignoring it to write…but it is totally worth it 🙂 It’s certainly easier to do housework if I think of it as “taking care of my husband” than “cleaning up a mess that’s just going to magically re-appear tomorrow!”

  3. Juliana Haygert says:

    Love your daughter’s comment! And what a gorgeous pic!
    Whoa, 17,009 words is awesome! You’re rocking NaNo!
    Sorry about your pulled muscle/sciatica. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Rebecca B says:

    Nice snipppet–I love the disclosure in the last line. More, please!
    Sorry to hear about the sciatica; it sounds so painful. 😦 Feel better soon!

  5. Jaime Morrow says:

    Great WIP segment again, Katy! You’re definitely getting us all hooked. 🙂

    That’s awful that it might be sciatica. I sure hope it starts to feel better for you soon. I get issues with sciatic nerve that causes my one leg to have numbness issues, but so far it hasn’t been painful.

    Both the picture and the comment only further prove just how adorable your little girl is. Love hearing about her. 🙂

  6. Jessica Love (@_JessicaLove) says:

    I love these updates, Katy! I’m struggling with NaNo…I don’t think I’m cut out to be a NaNo drafter. But I’m not giving up just yet.

    I hope your injury feels better soon! And there is no shame in walking that half-marathon. Take care fo yourself!

    • katyupperman says:

      Thanks, Jess. And good luck with NaNo. I say, don’t throw in the towel yet. Even if you don’t hit 50K, every new word you write is positive progress. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  7. Liz Parker (@LizParkerWrites) says:

    I’m glad your NaNo progress is going well. I love every bit that you share and am excited about this book you’re working on. I don’t think it’s ever possible to have too many ideas–if you don’t use them here, maybe they can reappear in some other story. 🙂 Also–totally agree about the work/rewards of marriage bit.

  8. Elodie says:

    Love your snippet, Katy! 😀 And yes, you do deserve the title of Best.Wife.Ever…(and your daughter is just adorable!)
    Something funny, I was telling my hubby about your querying story and he turned to me, raised an eyebrow and asked, “Katy Upperman?” I think I do talk about my blog friends a lot but his reaction totally made me grin!
    Great progress on your NaNo!
    Crossing my fingers that the pain subsides and that you can run again!

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