One Word Wednesday

{Since it’s nearly spring, the sun has been coming up earlier and earlier. It’s been light out at the end of my morning run for the last few days, which is fun and exhilarating and inspiring.}

{My girlie was named Student of the Month, along with one of her little kindergarten BFFs. So happy for her!}

{I’m obviously enjoying Scrivener. I love that I can leave all these fun little notes and musings for myself. I posted this photo on Instagram and a psych nurse who follows me totally jumped in with an answer to those last questions. Win!}

{Banana Sheet Cake (I used an extra banana and baked an extra five minutes) with homemade Chocolate Buttercream Frosting… This was similar in flavor and texture to banana bread, only more decadent. Yum!}

{I get to teach art to my daughter’s kindergarten class once a week (thanks to budget restraints, there’s no full-time art teacher) and even though it can get a little crazy, it’s really fun. We spent the last two weeks working on self-portraits, and they turned out really cute. These actually look like their creators! (My girlie’s is bottom left. :)}

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19 responses to “One Word Wednesday

  1. Awwwwww! These are ALL great pictures 😀 You need to tell Claire she’s very talented, that self-portrait is adorable! And yum, that desert looks amazing…Glad you’re enjoying Scrivener, it’s been helping a lot too…Happy Wednesday to you Katy ❤

  2. Love the pics, Katy and the SKY. wowoww!!!!!!!! And too cute on the self portrait from Claire 🙂 (sorry to hear the budget=no art teacher 😦 😦 but I am glad that you get to spend some time with C while in school :))

    • Thanks, Rachel. Yes, school budget issues are a bummer, but I am glad to have an excuse to hang out with my girl and her friends every week. They’re a fun group!

  3. I am THRILLED that it’s getting light out earlier here too. In the winter months I find it so hard to get out of bed in the morning due to the darkness. Bleh. Now if only we could have the weather to match the slightly longer days.

    Love the artwork that your daughter’s class did. So much fun! Especially the grin on the top left. 🙂 Also, congrats to your girlie for getting student of the month. Yay!

    • Thanks, Jaime… I will definitely pass your congratulations on to my girlie — she’ll be excited! I’m with you on being ready for spring. I always feel so much more cheerful when the days are longer and the weather is warmer.

  4. I leave for work every morning at 6:15am…and I can’t tell you how excited I am that it’s getting lighter each day!

    And Scrivener…hmmm. I think I really need to dig in on that guy. Because I’ve watched all the tutorials – and I think I’m more confused than when I started! I will say the links you posted from Erin have been the most helpful. Will keep at it – and it’s great you got a response from a that nurse! 🙂

    Great pics, Katy!

    • Good luck with Scrivener, Erin. I’ve found that the more I use it, the easier and more helpful it is. That said, I know I’m missing out on lots of cool features and tricks, but I’m hoping to be a true Scrivener expert soon. 🙂

  5. Alison Miller

    Okay, so I’m drooling over Scrivener. I know at one point they had a beta version available for windows – I may have to invest some time into that next year. Also, YAY for your daughter! I cherish every award my babies bring home. And save them. Along with every other paper from the Friday folder. 😉 My spare room has exploded with it all. And I’m so jealous of your volunteering. I CANNOT WAIT to do some of that next year. Love the artwork, btw! I’m sure Claire’s class had a blast with that!

    Happy Wednesday!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only mama that’s saving everything! I was just thinking that I need to go through the PILES of kindergarten work, pick the most special items, and purge the rest. But, the thought of that makes me sad! No matter what, I’ll definitely be keeping the awards — so proud of her!

      And yes, definitely check out Scrivener, Alison. I’ve found it EXTREMELY helpful for rewriting, revising, and deciding what to cut and what to keep. Let me know what you think!

  6. It’s SO NICE to have it getting light before 7 and dark after 6. The whole eight-hours-of-daylight thing is probably my least favorite thing about winter up here…

  7. Gorgeous photos, the bright one just makes me happy to look at and I love the self portraits the kids did.
    Happy Wednesday!

  8. I’m still so excited you have Scrivener. I love leaving notes in mine. Though right now mine look like: Was running water even possible in 1860? Were the roads brick or cobblestone?

    Love all the photos. Your One Word Wednesday is one of my favorites 🙂

    • Thanks, lovely! It’s one of my favorite posts to do. Quick, easy, and fun!

      Glad I’m not the only one leaving crazy questions and musing throughout my manuscript. Had I known that kind of OCD behavior was possible with Scrivener, I probably would have bought it ages ago. 🙂

  9. Awwww! Your kiddo is the cutest. And those self-portraits are great! So much personality!

    Annnnnd as always, you have excellent baking taste, and I totally want to try making that cake, except I already have the ingredients for a new project I’ve been wanting to try…sigh. My to-bake list is starting to look like my to-read list.

    • Aww, thanks! I love that you’re a fellow baker, Jess… So fun to share recipes and ideas! You’ll have to let me know about your new project. 🙂

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