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The Class of 2013: YA Superlative Blogfest (hosted by Jessica LoveTracey NeithercottAlison Miller, and me) runs Monday, December 16th through Thursday, December 19th. All of our fantastic participants will highlight favorite books published in 2013 using a variety of fun superlative categories. The Class of 2013: YA Superlative Blogfest is all about promoting the extraordinary young adult books published this year, so if you haven’t already, draft a post and sign up to participate at the end of this post. We can’t wait to see your favorite reads of 2013!

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My Books Pubbed in 2013 Reading List (starred books are 2013 debut novels): Shades of Earth, *The Tragedy Paper, Just One Day, *If You Find Me, *Nobody But Us, *Taken, Through the Ever Night, Eleanor & Park, Requiem, *Pretty Girl-13, *Uses For Boys, This is What Happy Looks Like, Quintana of Charyn, *The S-Word, The 5th Wave, *Nantucket Blue, *The Sea of Tranquility, Golden, *Strands of Bronze and Gold, Where the Stars Still Shine, Dare You To, All I Need, Out of the Easy, *OCD Love Story, The Dream Thieves, *Canary, The Truth About You and Me, Fangirl, *My Life After Now, September Girls, *Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, Dead Silence, Invisibility, Just One Year, *Fault Line, Allegiant, *How to Love, The Beginning of Everything, The Coldest Girl in Coldtown, *Unteachable, Dangerous Girls, and *Reclaimed (Covers link to Goodreads pages!)

Here are my selections for Popularity Contest…

Villain I Love to Hate

There’s a lot of gray when it comes to “villain” in Abigail Haas’s Dangerous Girls, which is why it’s an incredible read. Most of the main characters have seriously deplorable moments, and the real bad guy isn’t revealed until the very end.

Most Likely to Become a Rock Star

Park from Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park is so music-obsessed, I think he’d make a perfect rockstar. Plus, he wears black eyeliner, which is pretty much a rocker prerequisite. (Art by the brilliant Simini Blocker.)

Favorite Parental Figure

Callie’s dad, Greg, from Where the Stars Still Shine is such a loving and supportive and patient father. I loved the scenes he and Callie shared, and the way he helped her learn to trust again.

Mostly Likely to Start a Riot

Ronan from Maggie Stiefvater’s The Dream Thieves. He’s passionate and damaged and a total loose cannon. Plus, there’s the whole dream thief thing — just imagine the craziness he could commence! (Sketch by Maggie Stiefvater, who is way too talented.)

Biggest Flirt

Alex from Where the Stars Still Shine by Trish Doller (I borrowed this image from her WtSSS Pinterest page, which is awesome). Alex may not be the biggest flirt, but I definitely think he’s the best flirt. *sigh*

Coolest Nerd

Toby from Robin Schneider’s The Beginning of Everything. He’s a fun, adorably dorky guy (captain of and spark behind the debate team) who has a knack for awesomely witty puns. My favorite character from this story.

Fashion King and/or Queen

Dee from Gayle Forman’s Just One Day. He’s generally awesome, plus, he’s got gumption and personal style for days. I wish I’d had him for a friend during my freshman year of college. (Art by the amazing Simini Blocker.)

Girl You’d Most Want For Your BFF

Josie from Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys. She’s clever and driven and fiercely loyal. She’s got street smarts (and friends in low places) and a kind heart. I’d love to hang out with her in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Boy You Wish You’d Dated in High School

Josh Bennett from Katja Millay’s The Sea of Tranquility because he’s so sweet and protective of the people he cares about. Even though he’s sad, he’s got an enormous patched-together heart. Plus, he’s good with his hands. 😉

Most Likely to Become President

Gansey from Maggie Stiefvater’s The Dream Thieves. He’s my favorite of all the boys, and I think he’d be an excellent president. He’s got the breeding and he’s incredibly diplomatic, yet he’s absolutely sincere, too. (Art by Cassandra Jean.)

Quirkiest Character

Bea from Corey Ann Haydu’s OCD Love Story. Even if you don’t consider her OCD symptoms, Bea’s still an eccentric girl who doesn’t care about what anyone else thinks of her. Love that.

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28 thoughts on “2013 YA Superlatives :: Popularity Contest

  1. Tanya says:

    What great picks! I totally agree with Ronan being the one most likely to incite a riot. 😉 Park is a good choice for future rock star. He rocked the eyeliner… no matter what his dad thought. And I’ve added two books to my TBR based on your picks! The Sea of Tranquility (which I’ve not heard of before) and Where the Stars Still Shine. I read Something Like Normal by Doller and keep seeing a lot about WtSSS but for some reason just wasn’t making a connection with it. But your comments about it have convinced me… must read this book!

    • katyupperman says:

      THE SEA OF TRANQUILITY is gorgeous, Tanya. Beautiful writing and super intense. The last few lines literally gave me chills. And WHERE THE STARS STILL SHINE is one of my favorites of the year. I ❤ Callie and Alex!

  2. Andrea says:

    Please may we have more pictures of Alex?

    I thought about Josh from TSoT for my high school bf, but I ultimately had to go with the sexy nerd (Matt from Flat-Out Matt) over the broken loner. It was a tough choice.

    I’m listening to Just One Day now, and I’m loving Dee. He’s quite the character!

  3. Jaime Morrow says:

    WHERE THE STARS STILL SHINE keeps coming up today, and since I haven’t yet read it, it’s pushing me to bump it up my TBR list. (I just requested it from the library.) Totally agree with Ronan for the riot category, and I don’t know how I forgot about Park’s passion for music in E&P. Whoops! Great list, Katy. 🙂

  4. Rebekah says:

    Park, yes, I am actually totally bummed he was not my choice too! His eyeliner would be even more unsettling on stage. Bea is a fabulously quirky character. I loved her even though she made me ache.

  5. Stephanie Scott says:

    Dee was great–that book was so incredible. I don’t know how the author does it, but she goes to such emotional depths with her characters.

    I spent much of 2013 catching up on books from other years, so many of these I haven’t read! Thanks for helping me add a few new ones. I’ll be watching these posts this week.

  6. Alison Miller says:

    Greg is the best, isn’t he? My choice there too. Actually we have many similar choices. Imagine that. 😉

  7. Sophia says:

    I can’t believe I forgot about Dee! He’s definitely a Fashion King. Oh and Josh Bennett – definitely! In fact, I think all the guys were well written in The Sea of Tranquility.

  8. Elizabeth Briggs says:

    You have some great picks and I love how you used other pictures instead of the covers, like that picture of Park, which is just so perfect. I almost picked Dangerous Girls for my villain too – loved that book.

  9. karibradley7 says:

    Great selection with Ronan to incite a riot. Love your Rock Star selection (I so struggled with that one. I also liked Tracey’s selection of Graham from THIS IS WHAT HAPPY LOOKS LIKE). Great minds think alike, grabbing Simini’s drawings! I didn’t think about checking out pinterest boards. 🙂

    • katyupperman says:

      I happen to follow Trish Doller’s Pinterest boards and when I saw that photo of “Alex” I was smitten. He’s very much what I pictured while I read. WtSSS.

  10. Jessica Silverstein says:

    I just put my list up and I’m starting to check out everyone else’s–I feel like Ronan may win the day for Ultimate Riot Boy. I’m with Jaime on Where the Stars Still Shine…bumping it up the list!

  11. Margo Berendsen says:

    I love the fan art you included here! It might be a bit early since These Broken Stars came out, but I’m hoping to find some fan art for that story, loved it so much. Definitely planning on reading the Raven Boys books and Rowell’s books after they keep appearing over and over again in the Class of 2013!

  12. Krispy says:

    Dee is a great pick for that category! I actually did think of him for that and for the Supporting Character category. I also thought of Gansey for President, and I think we might have picked him last year. He’s got all the qualities AND the pedigree for it. Isn’t his mom a senator?

    And yes, Cassandra Jean’s sketches! I just discovered them when I was trying to find suitable imagery!

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