#WriterRecharge {Update One}

Writer Recharge

Writer Recharge is a month-long motivational challenge similar to last summer’s Ready. Set. Write! So many of us benefited from setting goals, connecting with other writers, and social media-based accountability. So, let’s do it again! Whether you’re delighting next to the crackling fireplace of a Shiny New Idea with a warm cup of tea and or spinning out on the ice-covered roads of revisions in an attempt to avoid the snow-packed ditch, we want to write with you! Learn more HERE

#WriterRecharge has whipped me into shape!

I’ve gotten tons of revising done this week, about eight scenes worth, so I’m pleased. I’ve done some brainstorming with Alison, one of my CPs, and made some sense of a few muddled aspects of the story. I’ve also trimmed A LOT of cheesiness — yay! My objective for the next week is to cut everything that isn’t moving the story along. I’m making great progress with that already — my draft started at 87K and is now down to about 77K. Then I’ll need to go back and patch up several holes that need attention. The end of my manuscript definitely needs some major work, and I’m looking forward to tackling it.

Goal for the coming week: Finish this read-through and cut everything that needs to be cut (as of now). Eliminate cheesiness. Improve flow. Nail down main characters’ backstory and motivations.

Totally doable. 🙂

How was your first week of #WriterRecharge?
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38 responses to “#WriterRecharge {Update One}

  1. Awesome on the progress! I breezed through a particularly easy few chapters in my WIP and now I’m procrastinating because my next few chapters need a lot of work – I’m riding the high as long as possible 🙂

  2. Sounds like fun! I love cutting the cheese and unnecessary words.
    My #WriterRecharge has been going all right. Working on finishing my thesis. Staying sane.

  3. This is such an awesome idea! Best of luck with the snipping!

  4. Wow!!!! 🙂 8 scenes is very impressive!!! And your goals for next week are totally doable 🙂 Cheering you on (and handing over jelly beans)

  5. Wow, great progress! I always envy writers who write long and have to trim because I have the opposite problem, but cutting 10K can’t be easy. Best of luck this week!

    • You might hate me for saying this, Kip, but cutting that 10K was actually really easy, and REALLY satisfying. I’ve come up with a lot of ideas and elements I need to write in now, which is always the hard part for me. Best of luck with your goals for the coming week!

  6. Revising can be pretty cool, huh? great accomplishments for the week. Good luck on this next one!

  7. Great job, Katy! I love that one of your goals is to eliminate cheesiness. 🙂 Good luck this week! p.s. THESE BROKEN STARS – total book hangover this morning.

    • I feel you on the book hangover, Sara. THESE BROKEN STARS totally wrecked me! Did you love how it ended? It’s definitely among the very best YA sci-fis I’ve read. Looking forward to getting lots done with you in the coming week. 🙂

  8. Awesome, Katy! And you know I’m always happy to help you with brainstorming! Anything to get you to finish this revision so I can read the whole thing! 😉

    It’s supposed to be a crazy week with snow here, but hopefully we’ll get some revising in during the day together. Thank you for all your encouragement!

    • Thank YOU for all your encouragement! I am certain I wouldn’t have been even close to as productive over the last few weeks without you. Let me know when you’re working today. 🙂

  9. Ha! Love your goal on eliminating cheesiness, and I love love love CP brainstorms. Those are some of my favorite things ever in my writing process. I’m impressed with your ability to cut 10k. I always struggle with cutting words.

    • Oh, I overwrite SO bad. I’ll probably end up cutting even more, which is good because I’ll have plenty of room to add in some important things I overlooked while writing the first draft. Looking forward to lots of productivity this week. Let me know when you’re working in the evenings, Liz.

      • Stephanie Scott

        In the Opening Scenes workshop I just took through RWA, Kelley Armstrong shared a section of her writing with the in-line edits included. It was fascinating to see how much she cut, and how the story still worked. Entire paragraphs, gone, leaving one or two lines that told enough to keep the story moving.

        • I try really hard to that too, and I think I’ve become better at it over the years. Sometimes it’s painful to cut those beautiful lines that were so hard coming, but 99.9% of the time, I think that omitting makes my story stronger. (Especially since I’m a serial over-writer!)

  10. Well done, Katy! And I’m glad the brainstorm with Alison proved to be so helpful to you. The feedback from my First Readers has been helpful to me, too. It’s amazing what another pair of eyes can catch. I hope you meet and exceed your goals for the week. 🙂

    • Yeah, my CPs are so invaluable, Colin. They really help me with perspective when I get too close to the story and its characters. I’m so thankful for them! I hope you get tons done this week. Happy writing!

  11. Stephanie Scott

    Isn’t it funny that while drafting we get excited over increasing word count, and in editing, we delight over reducing the same words we were so happy to put together? Writing is a strange beast 🙂

    • Oh my gosh… YES! I was so happy when I hit 30K, then 50K, then 70K. When I got past 80K I started to worry (my story is contemporary YA), but then, I knew that a fairly big chunk of my first draft would have to go. And it has!

  12. Definitely doable! =D What a great start you’ve had!

  13. I think it’s doable for sure. And cheers for eliminating cheesiness. I’m so ready to hit the 50,000+ mark on my WIP. Like you said, most of the words will be cut and I’d rather have too many than not enough. 🙂

  14. Wow! Congrats on all the revising 🙂

  15. Glad to hear Writer Recharge is going well for you so far! Good luck with your revisions this week. 🙂

  16. Wow you’re doing great! Hope next week goes as well for you.

  17. I love that you’re cutting the cheesiness! Made me lol. Awesome job on trimming your manuscript, that’s always such a relief. I’m sure your story is that much stronger for it!

  18. Glad that you’re moving smoothly along in Writer Recharge. I’ve had to cut a lot of my text out these past few days. It’s not easy, but it’s what I need to do to move my story ahead.

    • Same for me, Cynthia. The actual cutting is really hard, but I always feel very accomplished and satisfied when it’s done. Hope you’re having a wonderful week!