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“What’s Up Wednesday” is a fun weekly meme started by my friends Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk. From Jaime: It’s similar in some respects to the Currently… post, but it’s been whittled down to only four headings to make it quicker and more manageable on a weekly basis. You’re invited to join us if you’re looking for something to blog about, a way to let your blog friends know what’s been going on with you. If you’re participating, make sure to link your What’s Up Wednesday posts to the list on Jaime’s blog each week. That way, others can visit your post and check out what you’ve been up to. And now, here’s what’s up with me this week…

What I’m Reading: I finished Losing It by Cora Carmack and thought it was a fun read. Perhaps not my favorite of all the NA I’ve encountered, but some trusted sources tell me her All Lined Up is excellent, so maybe I’ll try that one sometime. Now, I’m reading Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid, a series of lovely, interconnected short stories about delightful people (so far). This one’s a contemp written in 3rd person which, when done well, I love. Luckily, this one is done VERY well. Plus it’s about a road trip, and road trip books are my jam.

What I’m Writing: Still NaNo-ing, and I’m getting SO CLOSE! Hoping to finish today (before Thanksgiving) so pardon me if WUW comments go unresponded to for now. I will get to them ASAP. Goal: Win NaNoWriMo!

What Else I’ve Been Up To: Other than tons of writing, I’ve been doing Thanksgiving prep. We’re having a quiet meal at home (with Seahawks football!), but the many foods Thanksgiving are my husband’s favorite, so there’s a lot of cooking in my immediate future. He deals with the disgusting turkey carcass, and I do everything else. Fair trade! 🙂

This little lovely has had all week off from school, so we’ve been hanging out plenty. Lots of coloring and puzzles and books and shopping.

I received the most EXCELLENT package from my #SipSwap buddy, Sarah Marsh, who is so generous and kind, and obviously has amazing taste in Harry Potter commodities. Plus, Chocolate Strawberry Tea, friends. So yummy!

What Works For Me: I spent all month making my way through Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, and I found it incredibly inspiring — especially in the midst of the all the NaNo craziness. He’s so real and frank about his process and the industry and his past, plus he’s drily funny, which I dig. I highly recommend On Writing if you’ve yet to read it. What’s your favorite craft/writing/creativity-focused book?

What’s up with you today? 


28 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. Erin Funk says:

    Oh wow, you’re doing amazing on your NaNo goal! Crossing my fingers that you get to 50k before your holiday festivities begin. Hope your Thanksgiving dinner ends up being a reward for all your hard work! Also, I love that adorable Harry Potter package! Too cute! 🙂

    • Katy Upperman says:

      I did finished NaNo last night, just before Thanksgiving — yay! And yes, I was so very fortunate with #SipSwap this year. Sarah sent the most amazing package. 🙂 Have an awesome week, Erin!

  2. Jess Gofton says:

    On Writing is a really great book. I’m not the biggest fan of Stephen King but there’s no denying that the guy gives good advice. I write a lot of historical fiction and recently read a book called Medieval Underpants and Other Blunders which was a lot of fun, and talked about a lot of the common mistakes made by people writing historical fiction. 🙂 And you can’t go wrong with Neil Gaiman’s Make Good Art speech!

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving and best of luck with NaNo – you can do it!

    • Katy Upperman says:

      I’ve only read one of Stephen King’s novels (11/22/63) and I liked it fine. I’m not in a huge hurry to read his other fiction, but I’m a super-fan of ON WRITING now. He’s a very wise man, and his advice goes down so smoothly — I think. 🙂 MEDIEVAL UNDERPANTS sounds like all sorts of fun! I don’t even write historical fiction, but it sounds like it’s worth checking out. Thanks, Jess! Have a wonderful week!

  3. Gisele LeBlanc says:

    That is FANTASTIC on NaNo! You can do it! And, I wholeheartedly agree on On Writing–it is my favorite writing book. You can’t help but develop a deep respect for the man after reading it, even if you don’t happen to be a big fan of his work.

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and good luck with NaNo! 🙂

  4. Carrie-Anne says:

    Enjoy your holiday, and good luck on winning NaNo!

    Let’s Get Lost sounds like an interesting book. One doesn’t see too many short story collections these days, and third-person is my favorite POV.

    • Katy Upperman says:

      You’re right about a lack of short story collections, particularly in YA, which is what I mostly read. I hope you check out LET’S GET LOST, Carrie-Anne, and let me know what you think. Have a wonderful week, lady!

  5. Stephanie Scott says:

    You are so close with Nano! Go go go! I’m right on track but had to really push myself to get there last night. I am stuck on how to wrap up the story and it’s near impossible to get much done. I’m need to get creative and write out of order.

    I’m bummed I missed sip swap this year! What a cute care package–they went above and beyond.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Even a quiet meal at home takes preparation, and always more than you think.

    • Katy Upperman says:

      Sarah definitely went above and beyond with my #SipSwap gift. I’m so thankful! I hope you’re able to sign up next year, Stephanie! Best of luck with NaNo… I managed to finish last night (writing out of order totally got me through!). I’m rooting you on, lady!

  6. Emma Adams (@ELAdams12) says:

    I found ON WRITING to be one of the best writing guides I’ve found – I love how straightforward it is! Other writing guides I’ve found helpful are Donald Maas’s WRITING THE BREAKOUT NOVEL and Blake Snyder’s SAVE THE CAT, which is really helpful for plot structure. Best of luck with the rest of NaNo! 🙂

    • Katy Upperman says:

      I do love SAVE THE CAT, Emma. I read it a few years ago and it totally changed the way I write and the way I think about writing (and movies). I recommend it all the time! I haven’t read Donald Maas’s book yet, but I’ll certainly check it out. Thanks so much, and have an awesome week!

  7. Colin says:

    Favorite craft book? You just read it! 🙂 I’m currently reading SECRET WINDOWS, which is a follow-up to ON WRITING. I talk about it on my WUW post, so consider that a teaser… 😉

    So close with the NaNo, Katy! Congrats!! Here’s hoping you get it finished today.

    May you and your adorable family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 🙂

    • Katy Upperman says:

      Thanks so much, Colin! I am so looking forward to checking out your thoughts on SECRET WINDOWS. How amazing would it be to sit down with Stephen King and chat writing? He strikes me as so genuine. Love that! (And yes, I did finish NaNo last night — yay!) Have an awesome week, Colin!

  8. Sarah Chafin says:

    Great job on NaNo!!!
    I’m reading Bird by Bird right now and I love it but my favorite craft book is Writing Magic By Gail Carson Levine. It’s written for children but it takes out the stress and puts in the joy of words. So encouraging.

  9. Jaime Morrow says:

    Ooo, I love a good road trip book! I’ve been seeing that one around, but haven’t actually picked it up and read the description. Sounds good! And I love, love, love ON WRITING. I got so much out of that book. I loved all the personal writing journey bits he included, which kind of surprised me. (You know, because I was expecting solely craft tips.)

    You’re blowing NaNo right out of the water! That’s fantastic! I think I’d be completely burnt out if I managed to make it through NaNo. I’ve attempted it twice and stalled out both times. I’m always amazed by people who win. 🙂
    I’m having Harry Potter care package envy right now. And Thanksgiving dinner envy. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a wonderful week!

    • Katy Upperman says:

      I did finish NaNo last night (yay!) and yes, I am SO burnt out. I still have a ways to go with the story, but I’m looking forward to setting it aside for a bit. I feel like these characters have totally taken over my head! Thanks for the well wishes, Jaime, and have a fantastic week!

  10. merejoycewriter says:

    Good luck finishing NaNoWriMo! And Happy Thanksgiving! I’m in Canada so we had Thanksgiving last month, but I lived in the States for seven years, so I’m used to both holidays…I still always watch the parade every year =)

    • Katy Upperman says:

      My daughter watched the parade this morning and loved it. 🙂 We did have a wonderful day, and I did finish NaNo — yes! Thanks so much for your encouragement, and have an awesome week!

  11. Melanie Stanford says:

    On Writing is a great read. It didn’t have a lot of technical advice but it’s very inspiring.
    We do the same at Thanksgiving- my husband does the turkey while I do everything else. This year we were at Disneyland over Canadian thanksgiving so we did no dinner at all, which I don’t mind. There’s always Christmas Day!
    Good luck finishing NaNo- you’re almost there!

    • Katy Upperman says:

      My husband would be all over turkey for Christmas — he’d actually eat turkey everyday, if that was socially acceptable. 🙂 Hope you had an amazing time at Disneyland. It’s one of my very favorite places. Have a wonderful week, Melanie!

  12. Jennifer Pickrell says:

    My husband is all about the football on T-Day and I’m all about eating 24×7 🙂 Luckily I live close to my parents and my mom takes care of the cooking.

    Have a great weekend!

    P.S. Yay for winning at NaNo!

    • Katy Upperman says:

      Lucky you to have your mom to handle the cooking. I’m beat from prepping all day yesterday and cooking all day today. Worth it for all the tasty food, though. 🙂 Hope you had an awesome day and watched plenty of football!

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