One Word Wednesday

{Beach + Exercise + Sunrise = Katy’s Happy Place. This particular morning was stunning, plus I got to run with my husband. Perfection.}

{This cutie got a new guitar pick necklace, which she (we) think is pretty cool. She’s shown it off to her teacher at school, as well as her guitar instructor, and the general consensus is that it rocks. Also, the back says “Girls Rock!” which is pretty much icing on the awesome cake.}

{Blue Germ Pancakes, my very favorite breakfast, at First Awakenings, my very favorite breakfast spot. My parents were in town last week, so of course we had to hit up all the best local eateries. We went to First Awakenings twice. Yum. :)}

{This Is What Happy Looks Like… Oh, this book. It’s making me so HAPPY, which is perfect considering its title. Contemporary romance at its best, I think. Jennifer E. Smith is quickly becoming one of my new favorite authors.}

{As I mentioned, my parents (Nana and Poppy) recently visited. My girlie is so fortunate to have two sets of adoring grandparents (my husband’s parents, Mimi and Baba, visited last month). My daughter loves her grandparents so much (clearly), and she’s always thrilled to see them. Come back soon!}

So… What’s new with you this week?