Rock the Drop, 2013

Yesterday I dropped four fantastic young adult novels in random public places around my town in the hope that four lucky readers would find and enjoy them as much as I have.

April 18th was Rock the Drop, a celebration of Teen Lit Day sponsored by ReaderGirlz, in collaboration with FigmentI Heart DailySoho Teen, and 826NYC. This was my second year participating; I’ve had such a blast with this event, and I love that it supports an amazing cause.

Last year I selected books for the drop rather haphazardly. This year I put a little more thought behind my choices. I went with a dystopian theme, and I dropped first books in trilogies with the idea that perhaps the person who happened upon each book would love it enough to either purchase the subsequent books in the series, or check them out from the library. Smart, right? 🙂

My first drop was on Cannery Row, a very touristy area of my very touristy town. The John Steinbeck bust was begging to have Divergent propped up against it.


I dropped Ship Breaker at the middle/high school bus stop in my neighborhood, and The Pledge at Pinkberry (YUM) just after school let out.

After all that book dropping (not to mention teaching a painting lesson to my daughter’s kindergarten class), I was very thirsty. A Starbucks iced tea did the trick, and I left Wither, my final book, behind for a lucky reader.

Tell me… Did you Rock the Drop yesterday? Which books did you leave around your town?


I had so much fun Rocking the Drop last year, I’ll most definitely be participating again this year. In fact, I’ve already printed my book plates and selected the novels I plan to drop (I’ll share more about my choices in the few days). This week my mom is visiting from Phoenix and I plan to enlist her help in my covert book dropping plans. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled!

Here are the details about this year’s Rock the Drop from the ReaderGirlz site:

Rock the Drop 2013

ReaderGirlz are happy to announce Operation Teen Book Drop 2013! On April 18th, ReaderGirlz will be teaming with FigmentI Heart DailySoho Teen, and 826NYC to celebrate YA lit in honor of Support Teen Lit Day on Thursday, April 18th. We can’t wait! 

This year, in addition to rocking out and dropping our favorite YA titles in public spaces for lucky readers to discover, we’re directing supporters of teen fiction everywhere to consider a book donation to 826NYC to help grow their library.

Here’s how you can get involved:

* Follow @readergirlz on Twitter and tweet #rockthedrop
Print a copy of the bookplate and insert it into a book (or 10!) On April 18th, drop a book in a public spot (park bench, bus seat, restaurant counter?) Lucky finders will see that the book is part of ROCK THE DROP! 
Post the banner at your blog and social networks. Proclaim that you will ROCK THE DROP! 
Snap a photo of your drop and post it at the ReaderGirlz Facebook page. Then tweet the drop at #rockthedrop with all the other lovers of YA books.

Tell me… Will you Rock the Drop in 2013?

R is for Rock the Drop

Last week I Rocked the Drop!

I’ve wanted to participate in Rock the Drop since I read a few of my blogging friends’ wrap-ups last year. Here’s the low down, in case you haven’t heard: Readergirlz and Figment united to ROCK THE DROP in honor of Support Teen Lit Day, which was Thursday, April 12th. All participants had to do was print a copy of the bookplate (seen in my sidebar) and insert it into a book (or 10!), then drop said book(s) in public places (park bench, bus seat, restaurant counter, etc…) in communities everywhere. Lucky teens who happened upon the dropped books saw that their finds were part of ROCK THE DROP and scored new reading material. Such a cool idea, right?!

Here are the books I dropped, labeled and ready to go:

Of course I had to tag them:

I left one book at our local bakery:

Two at our local coffee shop:

And finally, I dropped one at the McDonald’s across the street from our town’s high school:

Though my husband said I looked guilty, like I’d just dropped off explosives as I left each location, Rock the Drop was a success on my end, and lots of fun! I sincerely hope that the books I dropped found happy homes with teens who enjoy reading them as I did.

Did you Rock the Drop?