R is for Rock the Drop

Last week I Rocked the Drop!

I’ve wanted to participate in Rock the Drop since I read a few of my blogging friends’ wrap-ups last year. Here’s the low down, in case you haven’t heard: Readergirlz and Figment united to ROCK THE DROP in honor of Support Teen Lit Day, which was Thursday, April 12th. All participants had to do was print a copy of the bookplate (seen in my sidebar) and insert it into a book (or 10!), then drop said book(s) in public places (park bench, bus seat, restaurant counter, etc…) in communities everywhere. Lucky teens who happened upon the dropped books saw that their finds were part of ROCK THE DROP and scored new reading material. Such a cool idea, right?!

Here are the books I dropped, labeled and ready to go:

Of course I had to tag them:

I left one book at our local bakery:

Two at our local coffee shop:

And finally, I dropped one at the McDonald’s across the street from our town’s high school:

Though my husband said I looked guilty, like I’d just dropped off explosives as I left each location, Rock the Drop was a success on my end, and lots of fun! I sincerely hope that the books I dropped found happy homes with teens who enjoy reading them as I did.

Did you Rock the Drop?


30 responses to “R is for Rock the Drop

  1. Yes! I love the books you chose and the places you dropped them! This was a first time for me, and my daughter helped me (which was the BEST part). We dropped The Sky is Everywhere on a picnic table and Divergent on a shark’s tooth (at the local Wings store). Fun! Will definitely do it next year! Thanks for sharing your story, Katy!

    • I loved seeing the pictures you posted last week. My girlie “helped” too, but mostly by cheering me on from the backseat as we drove around. 🙂

  2. Hahaha I had to laugh when I read this sentence: “Though my husband said I looked guilty, like I’d just dropped off explosives as I left each location”…because I know that´s how I will look when I do it next year LOL…

    It does sound like great fun and a wonderful way to spread the love for books 😀 I haven´t read any of those books yet and I need to add The Mermaid´s Mirror to my TBR!

    I´m sure those books went to a happy home! Thanks for sharing, Katy!

  3. What a great idea! Loved the description of your hubby. Mine would look the same way. 🙂

  4. I rocked the drop too! (And I bet I also looked guilty leaving the books around. Because I tried to sneak away before anyone would see me…and then I watched from a distance to see if anyone picked it up. Ha. I’m sure Iooked like I was up to no good.)

    • Yeah, I tried to sneak away too, but I think I ended up making myself look even more conspicuous! Oh well… it was worth the funny looks I got. 🙂

  5. Oh, I SO wanted to participate in Rock the Drop! Unfortunately, I only found out about it the day of, and it was already too late. 😦 I’d LOVE to do it, though. It sounds like so much fun — printing off the bookplates, writing a little personal message, picking out the books, scouting out locations… 😀

    (Also, I love your handwriting. That heart is too pretty. :))

    • Thanks, Yahong! Rock the Drop really was fun, and such an awesome way to spread fantastic YA books throughout the community. You should definitely jump in next year!

  6. Such a cool idea!! Sounds like you had fun, Sneaky Peaky. I think I remember seeing something about this last year. How fun! I’m so lazy though. I’d never get around to doing it until it was too late. Maybe I’ll start planning now for next year 😉

  7. I rocked the drop this year as well – wasn’t it so much fun! And that’s ha-larious about your husband – mine said something very similar, as I dropped off two of my books and slinked back to the car. I couldn’t help it – for some reason it felt like I should be inconspicuous…but I think all it did was make me look creepy!
    I’m definitely in again for next year – great post, Katy!

    • Yeah, I felt like a bit of a creeper too, and I got my fair share of weird looks. It was worth it though… I had fun, and I helped to spread the YA love!

  8. It looks like you had tons of fun. I know I did! 🙂 I totally felt (and probably looked) guilty leaving books behind like I was littering or something. How weird is that? I was also hoping that nobody would come running after me yelling “You forgot your book!” Haha 🙂 Overall, it was tons of fun and I’d definitely do it again.

    • I had the same thought! “No, I didn’t forget my book… I MEANT to leave it on this very public table.” Oh well. It’s done, and I had a blast participating. 🙂

  9. This is such an amazing and wonderful charity! I really want to participate. I don’t have the money, but I may go through my bookshelf and see which novels I can part with. It really seems like this will be a fun time and I’m sure you feel awesome knowing that you’ve shared some awesome books with fellow readers 🙂

    • That’s what I did, Quita, just took a few gently read novels from my shelves that I know I won’t need to read again. It was fun to give them new life!

  10. I think I might rock the drop next year. Didn’t know about it until it was too late. 🙂

  11. I love the Rock the Drop idea, and maybe I’ll do it next year if I remember! I’d totally be like you though. Even though I’m leaving something for free, I’d totally look guilty about it. Haha. I mean, it’s kind of like littering or something right? And in terms of something like that- like a free book, I’d be like, “Is this really free? Can I really take this?”

    Anyway, cool idea, and good job! 🙂

    • Ha! I would totally question picking up a book labeled FREE too! I would think I was on some hidden camera show or something. Rock the Drop turned out to be a really fun event, though. 🙂

  12. What a great idea.

  13. Yay for Rock The Drop! This was my third year participating and it is still so much fun to be sneaky and spread the book love. I’m glad so many people jumped on board this year!

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