Savvy Authors June Bootcamp!

I Don’t Know But I’ve Been Told…

Success. It’s right there, waiting for you to grab it. But “right there” looks a mile away over snake-infested bogs and a random pit of fiery doom.

The best way through such a sorry landscape is with the help of a team, and that’s exactly what we have ready for you.

We’ll break you into teams of no more than five authors who write in your genre. Together you will have your own section of the Savvy Authors website to use for brainstorming, inspiration, encouragement, and virtual chocolate. Post your daily word count if you’re still slogging through the first draft or your page count if you’re duking it out with revisions. Group totals will be calculated and members of the winning team will receive a free workshop each!

To keep your team motivated, we’ll offer writing sprints in the water cooler and operating room of the Savvy Chatroom. Best of all, fifteen-minute writing challenges give your team extra opportunities to win points, so be on the lookout for new challenges being posted randomly!

 The team with the most points will win free workshops valued at $25 for each member!

 And remember… there’s no whining in Boot Camp!

WHEN: June 1 – June 30
(This event is restricted to PREMIUM MEMBERS ONLY.)
REGISTRATION: Pay the $30 annual membership fee at Savvy Authors and  register for Boot Camp!
WHO: Savvy Authors is proud to sponsor our June Boot Camp where we fully intend to make you write till your fingers bleed. Liz Pelletier will be your Drill Sergeant this session, and she can be brutal if her recruits are not sitting their butts in their chairs and writing, writing, writing. She’ll even teach you her personal method for fast drafting during this boot camp to keep those word counts coming in. So be prepared… this Drill Sergeant will force you to finish your manuscript in thirty days or you’ll be giving her fifty sit-ups every day you don’t write! We guarantee, by the end of the month you’ll either have a finished manuscript or be in the best shape of your life!

*** Check out Savvy Authors for more information!