Lovely Lyrics

Love, love, LOVE Whitney Duncan’s Skinny Dipping! This song inspired a scene in Forget Me Not, plus, it’s really funny to listen to my daughter sing along to these lyrics.

How cute is the guy in this video?! Here are the lyrics:

Dirt road and his old truck
lined with honeysuckles
down that old beach bend.
Saw the water through the trees
and the way he looked at me
with that sly southern grin
And he said
I hope you know how to swim

Took off our clothes
Threw ’em in the bushes
Mud between our toes
Bare white tooshes, Lord
How’d he get me to do it
How’d he talk me into it
Sunlight on the river
And we where skinny dippin’

Screamin’ bloody murder
as he pulled me under
and took my breath for a while
chills from the Mississippi
chills from the way he kissed me
we came back up with a smile
and i never felt more alive

Ohh we were doing nothin’ wrong
We were just coolin’ off
July I was hot and sticky
Lord we were skinny dippin’

Truck radio blarin’
That water was all we were wearin’
To our necks and kissin’
Lord we were skinny dippin’
Ohh yeahhh
Lord we were skinny dippin’