Friday Five: Visual Inspiration

I’m a visual girl; therefore I often troll the internet in search of actual pictures of the images and ideas I write about. So, for today’s midsummer Friday Five, I’m posting five of my favorite WIP visuals. I’m posting the pictures without comment, first, so as not give anything in WIP away, and second, because I don’t wish to influence your perception. The images below might become something completely different to you than what they are to me. Without further ado:

Ooh, and a bonus. Lucky you! This is competely unrelated to WIP, but here I am with my little family on Independence Day… isn’t my Munchkin a cutie pie?!


One thought on “Friday Five: Visual Inspiration

  1. Heather says:

    Oooh! You must send Jus to this post to see the coffee place 🙂 And yes, Munchkin is super cute!

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