MAY I tell you something about my husband?

♥ He’s amazing. ♥

Smart and supportive and sweet. Endlessly funny. He balances my obsessive anxiety with his carefree, cheerful way. He makes me smile even when there’s not a lot to smile about. He believes in me and my dream of selling a book. He believes in our daughter and encourages her, whatever her aspiration of the day may be. He’s not above playing Barbies on the floor or pretending to be a gorilla just to earn a belly laugh. He’s the world’s most loving daddy.

♥ He’s the world’s best husband. ♥

Today is our ninth wedding anniversary. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have snagged this guy.

What do you think? Have we aged well?

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51 responses to “MAY I tell you something about my husband?

  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! And aging well? Umm…you are SO YOUNG! Your hubby sounds a lot like mine – definitely a keeper. I hope you guys have a wonderful day!

  2. So sweet! Congrats!

  3. Cute couple – and you look like babes in the woods to me!

  4. Happy Anniversary.

    Are you sure that picture is 9 years later because it doesn’t look so?

  5. Congratulations! And yeah, you’ve aged well, if by well you mean not at all! Dang.

  6. omg are you guys secretly related to the Cullens? Because you don’t look like you’ve aged a DAY! 🙂 Happy anniversary!! Your husband sounds like a complete sweetheart ❤

    • Thanks, Sara! And didn’t you know? We’re vampires! I go to high school by day, then hunt deer and elk by the light of the moon. It’s aWeSoMe. 🙂

  7. Happy anniversary, Katy!! You guys are such an adorable couple, and I hope today is an awesome day for you! Supportive hubbies are just the best, I have no idea how I’d make it without mine! (I loved Sara’s Cullens comment above too! I was sort of thinking the same thing 🙂 )

    • Ha! I’d definitely take the no-aging aspect of vampirism, but I’m not sure if I could ever be down with the whole drinking blood thing. That’s pretty huge. 😉 And thanks, Temre!

  8. You haven’t aged a day. Congratulations on your anniversary, Mr and Mrs Cullen hehe (just to add to that reference). Also-love your wedding photo- too cute.

  9. You guys are so cute. Happy anniversary!!! 🙂

  10. You guys look totally fantastic in both pictures! Congrats and happy anniversary 🙂

  11. A.D. Duling

    Happy anniversary! I agree you two look great!

  12. You both look great! Happy anniversary!

  13. Juliana Haygert


  14. Congrats! And you both look REALLY good in both pictures. 🙂

  15. Happy anniversary! You two make a cute couple. Love your dress in the second picture.

  16. katharineowens

    Hey! My 9th wedding anniversary was last week (May 18th)– you two HAVE aged well. I look at photos from when my hubs and I were dating and I think, “who are those thin people with the unlined brows?”

    • Kat, your last line about the unlined brows made me laugh out loud! I’ll definitely never have that particular problem. 🙂 And happy belated anniversary to you and your husband. May of ’03 was a fantastic month!

  17. I remember that day like it was yesterday – such a fun trip for me! And I always remember that friend of Matt’s who “engaged” all of the aunts in his dancing. I will say not only have you aged well, but you are looking BETTER with age! Congratulations on 9 years!

    • Thanks, Carla! Oh, Matt’s “friend.” It’s been ages since they talked, but he sure did make for an interesting wedding reception, didn’t he? 🙂

  18. exceedingly well. such fond memories. happy anniversary.

  19. Happy anniversary!!! I am so glad that I was able to be part of your special day 9 years ago! What a great wedding and even better couple!! Hope you guys have fun celebrating!

    • Thanks, Friend! Honestly, it seems like it was just yesterday… Hard to believe so much has changed between then and now! I miss you… Let’s get together soon!

  20. Aged well? WELL? Um, I think *fantastically* should be the word choice here. You guys look great. And happy anniversary!!! I hope you’re celebrating 🙂

    • Thanks, lady! We did have fun celebrating, though the word takes on a new meaning when a four-year-old is thrown into the mix. You know… Backyard barbecues instead of fancy restaurants. 🙂

  21. Love it!! How cute you both are. Oh, and hello??? Man in uniform….lucky!!! 🙂 Happy Anniversary!

  22. Aww, he sounds amazing! You two are super cute together, and dang, talk about aging well! 🙂 Happy long weekend (and Anniversary)!

  23. Happy anniversary! You scored with your husband, Katy…he sounds like such a catch. I hope you had a great time celebrating!

  24. Hey, congrats! Is he still a soldier? I was trying to look at his uniform for his rak. We men are like that. lol

  25. I’m a little late to the party but happy anniversary 🙂 I love your wedding picture and you guys look just as happy (and young) in the more recent shot as you do in the one from years ago 🙂

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