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“What’s Up Wednesday” is a fun weekly meme started by my friends Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk. From Jaime: It’s similar in some respects to the Currently… post, but it’s been whittled down to only four headings to make it quicker and more manageable on a weekly basis. You’re invited to join us if you’re looking for something to blog about, a way to let your blog friends know what’s been going on with you. If you’re participating, make sure to link your What’s Up Wednesday posts to the list on Jaime’s blog each week. That way, others can visit your post and check out what you’ve been up to.And now, here’s what’s up with me this week…And now, here’s what’s up with me this week…

What I’m Reading: I finished Jandy Nelson’s I’ll Give You the Sun (September, 2014) and it’s now on my short list of YA favorites. It is gorgeous, guys, and I can’t wait for you to read it! My daughter and I also finished Katherine Applegate’s The One & Only Ivan. We both loved it dearly. Over the weekend, I read Tammara Webber’s Breakable (a companion to Easy, of which I am a fan). I was a little worried that it would be gratuitous retelling from Lucas’s point of view, but the story was deeper than that. It gave a lot of insight into Lucas’s past and his character. It was also, like, seriously steamy. Now, I’m reading Laini Taylor’s Dreams of Gods & Monsters, the conclusion to a series I’ve loved from day one. The writing is predictably beautiful and brilliant!


What I’m Writing: Still working on my Where Poppies Bloom revision and my The Road So Far first draft. For all the details of my last week of writing, you’re welcome to check out my RSW update HERE.

Knocking out words at the local music store, where my girl takes guitar lessons.

What Else I’ve Been Up To: My girl and I are off to Phoenix to visit my parents, so pardon my slow blog responses. We’re excited to see Nana and Poppy, and to leave the muggy heat for dry heat — yay!

Last week we visited the Gulfarium and met lots of water-dwelling creatures. It was tons of fun, and if you’re ever in the Destin area, you should check it out!

We also enjoyed a beach day with our neighbors/friends — I’m sure you’re shocked. 😉 My daughter and I are going to be in for a rude awakening if we’re ever stationed in a land-locked state. Yikes.

What’s Inspiring Me Now: This video, which I’ve watched about a dozen times. I adore a good deployment homecoming clip (trust me: there are few things better than seeing your significant other after a long stretch of time apart) and this one is up there with the best I’ve seen. The couple is adorable, they’re at a kick-ass fraternity party, the soundtrack rocks, and the girl is so obviously shocked… I bet you’ll cry happy tears for these two!

I also read two super inspiring blog posts this week. The first was from Jessica Love, who spoke about the death of her friend Laura (who was clearly an amazing person), as well as kindness and thoughtfulness and trying to be better. I love this beautiful post, and now I’m inspired to be kinder and more thoughtful. And the second, from Leila Austin at YA Highway, about writing and anxiousness and letting go of the things we can’t control. Very timely for this writer.

Tell me… What’s up with you today? 


33 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. Miss Cole says:

    Writing in a music store must be fun 😀

    Wow, that beach looks lovely. I’m going to bask in imaginary warmth as I look at it 😉

    Have a great week!

  2. Jennifer Pickrell says:

    I’ve heard rumors that dry heat is slightly less horrible than humid 🙂 Although I think I could learn to enjoy both if I had a beach nearby.

    I just read Jessica’s blog post and it was such a beautiful and thoughtful tribute.

    • katyupperman says:

      Dry heat is definitely better than humid heat. We’ve been stationed in AZ twice and the heat is much more bearable there. But, there are no beautiful beaches in AZ, so I suppose FL is okay too. 🙂 Have a great week, Jennifer!

  3. Mandie Baxter says:

    Darn you, Katy, and your year inducing videos!!! That was one of the cutest I’ve seen. They all make me cry.
    Hope you two have a great trip!! We’ll have to have a no kid hang out when you get back!

    • katyupperman says:

      Yes, I’ll definitely be in touch! Maybe Starbucks or Chill or even a kiddo-free dinner?! Have a great week, lady, and have fun if you make it to the beach. 🙂

  4. Kris F. Oliver says:

    Hope you have a super fun trip! And “dry heat”, what is this thing you call dry heat? *wipes Florida off forehead* 🙂

    I really liked Dreams of Gods and Monsters. It was a great finale to the series.

    Have an amazing week!

    • katyupperman says:

      Oh, I’m glad you liked GODS & MONSTERS! I’m only about 50 pages in, but so far, so good. Laini Taylor’s writing has a way of sucking me in completely, so I suspect I’ll end up being a fan. Have a wonderful week, Kris!

    • katyupperman says:

      I’m actually getting used to the humidity, though my temperamental hair isn’t. It’ll be nice to have a break. Hope you have a great week, Leslie!

  5. Rebecca B says:

    Being a Midwesterner turned Mid-Atlantic-er, I am used to muggy heat–looking forward to my trip west in a couple weeks to try out the dry kind! Although I’m afraid of my shoes melting.
    I am so jealous that you got to read I’LL GIVE YOU THE SUN–cannot wait for that one!
    Have a great week!

  6. Melanie Stanford says:

    That beach pic- holy cow- gorgeous! The closest beach I have to go to is man-made. It’s okay, and better than nothing, but NOTHING compared to that!
    That video had me at “All of Me”.

    • katyupperman says:

      Yes, I love “All of Me” so much! There’s a version featuring Jennifer Nettles and Hunter Hayes that I’m pretty much obsessed with. If my WiP had a theme song, that’d be it. Have a wonderful week, Melanie, and I hope you can find your way to a beach someday soon. 🙂

  7. Carrie-Anne says:

    If you ever do end up in a land-locked state, there are always lakes. They’re not quite as fun or big as the seashore, but I’ve had some nice times by lakes.

    Humidity is just starting in Upstate New York, but thankfully I now have a roommate who doesn’t mind paying a bit extra for AC. My former roommate was too cheap and crunchy to consider it, and I almost had a head stroke last July because of her.

    • katyupperman says:

      Yeah… I’m not a big lake fan. Super pretty to look at, but all of that still water freaks me out. I mean, who knows what’s been sitting under there, and for how long?! (So silly, I know!) Hope you have a great week, Carrie-Anne!

  8. Kaitlin Bartlett says:

    I can’t wait for I’LL GIVE YOU THE SUN to come out…I’m so excited to read it! I loved THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE when I read it a few years ago, and I’m happy to hear the new book is one of your favorites.

    How jealous am I of your beach day? A LOT! 🙂 Have a great week Katy, and safe travels to Phoenix!

    • katyupperman says:

      Kaitlin, I am 100% confident that you will love IGYtS. In my opinion, it’s even better than TSiE, and I LOVE that book. I can’t wait for you to read it! Have a wonderful week, lady!

  9. Jaime Morrow says:

    I loved that video when you shared it on Facebook. So great! And now you’ve got me all eager to read I’LL GIVE YOU THE SUN. I’m swamped right now with good books, so it’s probably good that I’ll have to wait. Sounds like you’re making great progress on both of your stories. Hope you have a great time in Phoenix visiting your parents, but that you’re still able to squeeze in some solid writing time! 😀

    • katyupperman says:

      My goal is to write every day in AZ. Hopefully Nana and Poppy will help by keeping C busy. 🙂 And I can’t wait for you (and everyone!) to read IGYtS. It’s aMaZiNg! Have a great week, Jaime!

  10. Krispy says:

    Ah, I still need to read Gods & Monsters. It’s just such a big book that I know I need to make time for it. More excited for I’ll Give You the Sun given your rave review of it. How do you think it compares to The Sky is Everywhere?

    Have fun in Phoenix!! And stay cool!

    • katyupperman says:

      I’ve been saving GODS & MONSTERS for my trip because I know it’ll require a big chunk of time. So hoping it lives up to its predecessors! Have a wonderful week, Alice!

  11. Rachelwrites007 says:

    Have fun in Phoenix. What is dry heat like? I only ask bc I’m headed to Denver soon and I’m used to humid hot summers 🙂 any clothing suggestions? Hope you have a wonderful trip! And LOVE that C takes guitar lessons.
    Not much on my end, SLOWLY revising. Made a bunch of progress last night and then of course had to go to bed 😛 I did review that YA Contemp I think you’d love over on my blog. xo

  12. Erin Funk says:

    Oh gosh, Katy, I’m so choked up after watching that video! I can’t even imagine how much military couples/families sacrifice, and although we aren’t from the same country, I have a ton of respect for you guys and our military families here in Canada. Thanks for sharing that, because it sure puts things in perspective!

    Have a wonderful time with your folks and your daughter in Phoenix, and I hope you can sneak in a little writing while you’re there!

    • katyupperman says:

      Hoping for some good writing time this week. Also some good sun time. 🙂 And thanks for the kind words, Erin. It’s weird to say that I’m used to deployments, but I pretty much am. That definitely doesn’t take away from the homecomings, though. Have a great week, lady!

  13. Kitty says:

    The Gulfarium looks like so much fun! And that video… excuse me while I go grab the tissues. Oh my gosh. So good. Have fun visiting your parents and enjoying the dry heat. 🙂

    • katyupperman says:

      Thanks so much, Kitty! The Gulfarium is pretty great — definitely something to check off if you’re ever in the area. Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

  14. Jessica Love says:

    Aww, thanks for sharing my post, Katy. ❤

    I'm so jealous you got your hands on the new Jandy Nelson! I want to read it so bad!

    Happy summer!

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