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“What’s Up Wednesday” is a fun weekly meme started by my friends Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk. From Jaime: It’s similar in some respects to the Currently… post, but it’s been whittled down to only four headings to make it quicker and more manageable on a weekly basis. You’re invited to join us if you’re looking for something to blog about, a way to let your blog friends know what’s been going on with you. If you’re participating, make sure to link your What’s Up Wednesday posts to the list on Jaime’s blog each week. That way, others can visit your post and check out what you’ve been up to. And now, here’s what’s up with me this week…

What I’m Reading: I finished Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater, and it was predictably awesome. I have such a book crush on Gansey, and I love that we saw a more vulnerable side of him in this installment. I adore these characters and this world (man… it is so deep), and I cannot wait to read the fourth and final book! Now, I’m reading Loop by Karen Akins, which is a super fun time-travel novel. It’s making my morning elliptical workouts fly by.

What I’m Writing: I’ve cleared 31K on my WiP, which is sort of exciting and sort of scary. I have a basic idea of how the story is going to end, but I still haven’t done much plotting or mapping of how I’m going to get there. Yikes. But… I *think* things are moving along okay. I’ve got a protagonist who I adore. I’ve got a cute, swoony boy. I’ve got a lovely setting. I’ve got tension. And, I’ve got kissing (finally!). What more does a story need? 😉

What Else I’ve Been Up To: Over the weekend we went horseback riding and it was so much fun! I love horses (not horse books, though — go figure) and we got to explore some gorgeous trails. Cannot wait to do it again!

My horse’s name was Thriller, my girl rode Dusty, and my husband rode a badass black war horse named HoHo.

Last week I made Stromboli, which was much easier than it looks, and very tasty. We ate the whole thing in one sitting — yum!

I’ve been making all kinds of WiP notes in the gorgeous journal my CP, Alison, sent me. The title of the manuscript I’m working on (Stars Like Dust) is borrowed from a Rumi poem, and he’s significant to the story for lots of other reasons. So, new journal = most thoughtful gift EVER. ❤

What Works For Me: Inspiration in its many forms. The Rumi journal I mentioned above. The lyrics of Taylor Swift’s Out of the Woodswhich play into my WiP pretty damn perfectly (I’ve been listening to it on repeat while I draft), and this excerpt from Stephen King’s On Writing

Who doesn’t want to be emotionally flattened by an amazing book? That’s why I read, and it’s my goal when I write. Curious: What’s the last story to sweep you away? (For me, Blue Lily, Lily Blue and When Joss Met Matt — recommend!)

So… What’s up with you today? 


31 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. Carrie-Anne says:

    The last time I went horseback riding, I fell off, though I really impressed everyone in my outdoors group by getting back on the horse and finishing the ride instead of cowardly retreating back to the stables to wait. Our instructor wasn’t the friendliest and didn’t really give a tutorial, just launched right into things like galloping. It’s lucky I only severely bruised my back and had possible slight whiplash, since I wasn’t wearing a helmet.

  2. Rachelwrites007 says:

    I love horseback riidng and Stromboli’s (now I am going to be on the hunt to find one 😉 )!!! Congrats on hitting 31k on your WiP. Rumi is always an inspiration for me, too. 🙂 Good luck with the rest of the week and I hope you hit 40k soon 😀

  3. Jess Gofton says:

    Glad to hear you enjoyed Blue Lily, Lily Blue – I finally picked up a copy of The Raven Boys at the weekend. 🙂

    I have to admit I’m not the biggest fan of Stephen King, but he gives some damn good advice. I think the last story that really swept me away was The Graveyard Book.

    Have a lovely week and good luck with your WIP!

    • Katy Upperman says:

      Oh, I’m sort of envious that you’re starting The Raven Boys fresh. It’s so incredible, I think I’m going to reread the first three books before the 4th comes out next year. Can’t wait! And yeah, totally agree about King’s advice. He’s pretty darn brilliant. Have an awesome week, Jess!

  4. Tonja Drecker says:

    Okay, now I have to read Blue Lilly, Lilly Blue. Yeah, to your MS! If you don’t know where it’s going, that will be a fun surprise. And thanks for the quote. There’s so many books that sweep me away and so many awesome writers out there 🙂

  5. Jaime Morrow says:

    I finally got a copy of BLUE LILY, LILY BLUE and I can’t wait to get reading it. I really need to get my hands on a copy of LOOP. It sounds really good! You’re flying along with this new WiP! That’s so awesome. I think I’m going to be drafting very, very soon myself.

    Those stromboli sandwiches look so yummy. It’s almost lunch and your photos are really making my stomach growl lol. Hope you have a fantastic week, Katy! 😀

  6. Erin Funk says:

    Hmm, I think the most recent book that totally flattened me was REVOLUTION by Jennifer Donnelly. It was such a unique mix of amazing elements that really kind of defied labels. Loved it. I haven’t picked up BLUE LILY, LILY BLUE yet, but I need to do that soon.

    Wow, you’re really moving on this new WIP of yours! That’s awesome! And you said the magic words: swoony boy and kissing. I mean, come on, does a book need anything else? 😉

    Have a great week, Katy!

    • Katy Upperman says:

      Oh, I adore REVOLUTION, Erin! Such a spectacular story. Have you read anything else by Jennifer Donnelly? I loved A NORTHERN LIGHT as well. Also, can’t wait to hear what you think of BL,LB. Have an awesome week, lady!

  7. Krispy says:

    Yay, congrats on all the words and finishing BLLB! I’m still making my way through it but enjoying every second! I really need to buy myself a book of Rumi poems. The phrasing is just gorgeous.

    I loved seeing your horseback riding pictures. So fun! I haven’t gone in a really long time, and now I want to again. Have a great week, Katy, and keep writing!!

    • Katy Upperman says:

      You’ll have to ride horses soon, Alice! I really wanted to do it when we lived in Monterey. There’s a place in Big Sur where you can do it on the beach, and it looks incredible! Let me know what you think when you finish BL,LB — I loved it! Have a wonderful week! ❤

  8. Carrie says:

    LOOP looks great – have been on the hunt for time travel books lately, so thank you 🙂 I am also starting Raven Boys this week after being inspired by all the posts last Wednesday about Blue Lily, Lily Blue – looking forward to it! Have a lovely week!

    • Katy Upperman says:

      LOOP is great so far, and if you haven’t read ALL OUR YESTERDAYS yet, definitely check it out. One of my favorite time travel stories. Oh! And THE EIGHTH GUARDIAN is fantastic as well. And I am SO happy that you’re starting THE RAVEN BOYS. Hope you love the series as much as I do! Have a wonderful week, Carrie!

  9. Jennifer Pickrell says:

    I just added LOOP to my TBR-list the other day, glad to hear it’s as fun as it sounded. Stromboli looks tasty, I may have to try that next week.

    Yay for kissing 🙂

    I am trying to hold off on BLUE LILY, LILY BLUE until Christmas but hearing about Gansey’s vulnerable side makes me want to go buy it right this second. Gah! Reader problems…

    Have a good week!

  10. Cynthia says:

    What’s Up Wednesday sounds like fun. But I’m worried if I join, all my Wednesdays posts would look the same. (e.g. Similar to last Wednesday, I’m still working on that same WIP. Still brainstorming for the same project, etc…)

    I heard Maggie Stiefvater talk when she presented at the SCBWI conference in LA this summer. I really enjoyed her presentation.

    • Katy Upperman says:

      Eh… My posts sound similar sometimes too. WUW is just a way to make sure my blog stays updated, and I love connecting with the other participants. You should try it, Cynthia! Also, I’m so envious that you got to hear MS speak. Her writing is so brilliant!

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