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Barns. (Is that weird?) There are a couple in my current WiP, and we spotted a few that were really cool during a recent trip to Gettysburg. My husband, patient as he is, indulged my requests to “Pull over so I can get a picture!” I have no desire to live on an actual working farm, but I’d really love to have a beautiful red barn on my property one day.


In observance of Autism Awareness Month, I’m reading How to Say I Love You Out Loud by fellow Swoon Reads author Karole Cozzo and so far it’s excellent! Unrequited love and family discord are two of my favorite themes when it comes to contemporary YA, and How to Say I Love You Out Loud has both.


Outlander. I recently binged, and I’ve got a huge crush on Jamie (you’re welcome). I’m also obsessed with the history and the romance and the costumes — all of it. But oh God, the last two episodes of the first season… my heart. Also watching: Game of Thrones: predictably upsetting yet totally addictive. I’ve gotta say, I’m reading all sorts of rave reviews about the first episode of season 6, but I was kind of eh about it. I loved the scene where Cersei and Jaime talked about Myrcella (man, Cersei’s really starting to grow on me) and of course I adored Daenerys’s conversation with the Dothraki Khal, but Jon Snow… 😢

Listening To

Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys, which is blowing me away. The four points of view are equally fascinating, and I can’t wait to see how each character’s story connects back to the others. I’m a big fan of Ruta Sepetys’s Out of the Easy and so far, Salt to the Sea is just as extraordinary.

Thinking About

How to successfully close out Camp NaNoWriMo (I’m so close to meeting my goal!) while at the same time chipping away at round two of my Kissing Max Holden edits (it’s coming together, guys!). Traditionally, I’m not so great at juggling two projects at once, but I’m striving to become better as far as setting word-count/pages-revised targets and hitting them.


This Thursday’s lunch with two of my favorite writing buddies, this weekend’s proposed brunch with a couple of fellow Swanky Seventeens, getting my car back from the shop (sad day when you get side-swiped in a no-fault state), and some celebration-worthy news I’ll hopefully get to share with you soon…


You’ll check out the following Goodreads lists: YA Novels of 2017YA Debuts 20172017 Debut YA/MG Novels, and Books Published by Swoon Reads. Kissing Max Holden has found its way onto all of them, which is so exciting! Maybe you’d like to vote for my debut, or add it as “To Read”. Also! Last week I interviewed 2016 debut author Lucy Keating about her recently released YA speculative fiction/romance, Dreamology for The Swanky Seventeens. I hope you’ll take a moment to read it. 😘

Making Me Happy

Springtime. We’ve been enjoying a stretch of beautiful weather and scores of lovely flowers are blooming and I’m feeling extra optimistic and cheerful.

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17 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. Tracey Neithercott (@T_Neithercott) says:

    Daenerys’s verbal takedown of those Dothraki was awesome. That whole scene was great–I was laughing when those two guys kept telling the leader what things were better than a pretty woman. I’m upset about Jon Snow, but I’ll be okay as long as they don’t kill Tyrion.

    And crossing my fingers you can share your celebration-worthy news soon!!

    Also, it is a cold day in hell because I actually participated:

    Have an awesome week, Katy. 🙂

    • Katy Upperman says:

      I was cracking up during that Dothraki banter, too! And yes, I love Tyrion, which means he probably *will* be killed off eventually because that’s just the way it seems to go with my favorite characters. Can’t wait to read your post, Trace!

  2. Alexa says:

    The weather has been so great lately, I’m loving it too. Finally we don’t need gloves and hats! I need to update my profile pic to reflect the season 🙂
    I thought Salt to the Sea was amazing, she does the four points of view so well.
    Looking forward to hearing your news when your able to share.
    I joined in this week

    • Katy Upperman says:

      Yes! I’m loving SALT TO THE SEA! I subbed today and strongly considered listening to it while the kids were away at art, but alas… I just wasn’t sure what sort of content I was going to come up against being at an elementary school and all…

      Yay for spring weather — let’s hope it sticks around!

    • Katy Upperman says:

      I did not read OUTLANDER so I have no comparisons as far as the adaptation, but I will say that in my opinion, the show is really well done. Jamie and Claire have such fantastic chemistry, and it’s all so beautifully shot. You’ll have to check it out soon! I feel ya on the FL heat; we were living there this time last year and yeah, it was steamy. 🙂 Have a great week, April!

  3. literallyalice says:

    Yay! I’m glad you started Outlander! It is seriously so addicting and interesting and beautiful. Totally agree with you about the last 2 eps of Season 1 though. My gal friends and I had an Outlander Day to finish off Season 1, thinking it’d be a nice, fun girls’ day – and then we were all so emotionally traumatized, lol. We were like THAT WAS HEAVY. So excited about the new season though.

    Agree with you about GoT. I thought the first ep was fine but nothing to write home about. It was very much “and here is where so-and-so is” but can we talk about Brienne of Tarth?! What an entrance!

    Crossing my fingers to hear your good news soon! And I participated this week:

    • Katy Upperman says:

      Yikes. I can’t even imagine watching those Outland episodes in a room full of people. I was uncomfortable watching with my husband! Just so gruesome and terrible. 😦

      I’d somehow totally forgotten about Brienne’s entrance! She’s one of my favorite characters, and that scene was fantastic. Can’t wait to see where her character goes from here!

      Can’t wait to check out your post, Alice! Have a wonderful week!

  4. Katherine Focke Pearson says:

    I really enjoyed HOW TO SAY I LOVE YOU OUT LOUD. The captain of the field hockey team ended up being really helpful to me while I was drafting my WIP.

    And those barns are awesome. I love barns. My best friend in elementary school owned and old farm outside of Spokane, and we used to go up on weekends and hang out in the old barn (and the historic cemetery across the highway).

    And the third entry in a row… my currently…

    Next up blogging about something else on the off week. 😉

    • Katy Upperman says:

      Yay for another Currently! I’m enjoying the field hockey captain in HOW TO SAY I LOVE YOU OUT LOUD as well — I like that she’s got layers. Have a great week, Katherine!

  5. catmichaelswriter says:

    Just poking around the internet and scbwi world. Found tour blog. Love the “Currently” format idea. We must’ve passed each other in Gettysburg at the same moment when going in different directions -:D. Amazing 19th-century architecture and old barns in that part of the world.

  6. mandiebaxter says:

    I remembered early to do my post and scheduled it..then forgot to tweet it! -.-
    I think my husband would have the same reaction to stopping and taking photos but they really are pretty. I agree on not wanting to live on a working farm though!

    I NEED to watch Outlander. We just watched the new episode of Games last night. And yes! The Daenerys’s scene! SO good. She’s my favorite.

    Spring…..what is that?! It lasted a week and the temps are rising!

    Going to check out those lists! And can’t wait to hear your news!

    • Katy Upperman says:

      Oh, you totally need to watch Outlander — I think you’ll love it. It was a bit of a slow start for me (lots of history and backstory) but as soon as Jamie and Claire start interacting… Yes, please! Let me know what you think, and enjoy that steamy Florida weather for me. 🙂

  7. kaitlinbartlett says:

    I didn’t think I liked historical fiction…then I read SALT TO THE SEA! It was my first Ruta Sepetys book (the whole maritime disaster thing caught my eye right away) and now I want to read her other two. The POVs in this one were so well done, and I especially had a soft spot for the two girls. ❤

    And (since I saw it on Instagram) congrats on winning Camp NaNoWriMo! *cheers* Glad to hear the KISSING MAX HOLDEN edits are going well, too. Have a great week Katy!

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